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I’m sitting here on the train from Seattle, WA to Portland, OR. I spent an extra $17 to get a Business Class ticket and it was way worth it. Nice leather seats. Wireless. Plenty of leg room. Luxury.

I finished the first draft of my book, Money: A Love Story (Hay House 2013) this week.

The great thing about teaching something is that it nails it in to your own consciousness. As I’ve written about money as a reflection of what we value, I’ve taken a long, hard look at how I spend my own money. The great thing about being on the path to being more awake is that we can always refine and enhance our process. So I’ve been walking my walk!

I’ve stopped spending money on things I don’t value. When I feel weird during a financial transaction I stop and reassess. I’ve made returns, left the check-out counter, and put things back on shelves. I’ve also opened my wallet to shell out some dough for things that I truly value that bring me joy. 

For example, I felt funny about a transaction buying some shoes. It just didn’t feel good. I loved the shoes but I decided to return them because the circumstances around buying them felt “off” for lack of a better description. They were not brining me more value. They were detracting from the value in my life instead. Conversely, yesterday I spent $42 on a cab to the suburbs of Seattle to go visit a dear friend I hadn’t seen in over a year. We spent the morning giggling with her 3 year old twin nieces and having some profoundly delicious catch-up time. I left feeling nourished, uplifted, and totally energized. That was money well spent and brought more value into my life.


I’ve got two things cooking right now, both of which have an expiration date:


The Foxy Bod Program:

This program guides you to learn how to eat in a way that eliminates sugar and carbohydrate cravings. And it has the added benefit of changing your body’s shape (which often means losing 5-15 lbs.) and helping you fall more deeply in love with yourself. If you value your body and you’re wanting to feel more at home in and more in love with this gorgeous form of yours, come on over and check it out. 

The Foxy Bod Program closes its doors today and most likely won’t open them again until the end of 2012 or early 2013. So this is your last chance to join us to shimmy off a few pounds, lose your sugar cravings, and celebrate the foxiness of YOU. Click here to find out more and register.


My Mentoring Program:

This is my inner circle where I work with people one on one and in my team, The Freedom Family.

Many people ask me if I’ll coach them or work with them one on one. I’ve considered it, but the truth is I’m deeply committed to financial freedom and residual income (income that you get paid on over and over again for working once – like book royalties or real estate rental income.)

I know I could charge people in exchange for an hour of my time. But I value freedom and trading hours for dollars, even at a high price per hour, doesn’t create freedom. It’s linear and there’s no leverage, no scaleability. 

So the only way you can work with me one on one right now is by joining my Mentoring Program and The Freedom Family. I’ve had some criticism for this, but it’s in alignment with my deep value of freedom. So I’m sticking with it.

I’m offering a special enrollment cash bonus for those who apply to my Mentoring Program and are accepted today, so head on over and apply. If you value your time, you’re sick of trading hours for dollars, you’re ready to go to yoga in the middle of the afternoon and wake up when you’re done sleeping, my Mentoring Program and The Freedom Family may be for you.

Click here to find out more and apply to my Mentoring Program.


Values are a very personal thing. Next time you open your wallet, ask yourself if what you’re buying is adding value to your life. Is it in alignment with what’s really important to you? Is it bringing you closer to the way you’d like to feel? 

Ask the same questions about how you spend your time. Are you receiving abundant compensation for your time? Are you ready to look beyond trading hours for dollars? How can you make your time more leveraged, more scaleable?

We use money to exchange for things that we’ve decided are worth a certain amount. Choose to spend consciously on those things that you really value. And as much as possible, spend your time in the same way. You have the choice to create a life where you receive more value (and give more value as a result.) And it starts with your time and your money.


Grab your spot in The Foxy Bod Program before the doors close tonight.

Apply to my Mentoring Program. 


  • Coach

    Great stuff, Kate; keep rockin’ and serving others!

  • This is great, Kate! I just happen to be going over some financial matters today and this is so in sync with what I’ve been looking at. And congratulations on your first chapter – that is HUGE!!! Also, I absolutely relate to the satisfaction of spending on time with treasured people as well as for higher quality travel.

  • Isn’t it funny how, when you teach others how to do stuff, you get better at it too? I find the same thing to be true in my business – I’m in better shape and healthier than I’ve ever been in my life!

    And thanks for the reminder about listening to your intuition when it comes to spending money. So very true.

  • Way to stick to your values Kate! LOVE IT!

  • I love this concept, to only spend money on things you truly want or truly value! Spend too much money on things that don’t bring me happiness which leaves me feeling guilty when I do want to splurge on say a new book, but feel it’s wasting money. Thanks for the great insight!

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