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5 Ways to Have More Sex, Money, and Power

5 Ways to Have More Sex Money and Power_EMAIL

Money and sex. Everyone wants more of them, but we’re not supposed to talk about either.

For better or worse, money and sex are potent ways to wield power in society. You can agree or disagree with this from a philosophical standpoint, but you can’t deny that it’s true.

The thing that most people don’t know is that money, sex, and power are all connected by the second chakra. If you’re not familiar with it, the chakra system is about seven energy centers in the body that correspond with different organ systems and different parts of our lives.

The second chakra is about money, sex, and power. It’s located around our reproductive organs and lower back.

(Side note: Often people have low back pain when they’re feeling stressed out about money. This is not a coincidence.)

So if you want more money, sex, and power (to do good in the world, obviously), I’ve got five things you can do to ramp up your second chakra and charge up these areas of your life.

1.  Know that money, sex and power are all connected.

The first is the most simple. Simply becoming aware that money, sex, and power are all connected is a great place to start. Notice how money and sex are used to wield power in the world around you. Notice how you feel about money, sex, and power. Notice how you feel about the physical areas associated with your second chakra.  Awareness automatically creates transformation. {Tweet it.} Awareness automatically creates transformation-tweet

2.  Connect with your pelvic power.

There are so many fun ways to do this! You could take a hip opening yoga class. You could meditate while focusing on your pelvis. Try practicing breathing all the way down into your pelvis to energize it. Put on your favorite song and dance around focusing on your hips. You can bring more awareness to your sex life and even devote lovemaking (with yourself or others) to manifesting abundance (or anything else you desire!) Also pay attention to the health of your pelvic area. Often the health issues we manifest in this area can point to an imbalance in our money, sex, and power energy.

3.  Use the color orange.

Orange is the color of the second chakra. If you want to ramp up your money, sex, and power energy, wear orange! I often wear orange for speaking gigs or big business days because I like to feel that extra energetic support. Plus, I love the color! Or put orange around your house to remind yourself that you’re focusing on your second chakra.

4.  Use citrine.

Citrine is a crystal that’s great for attracting prosperity. You can simply put it in your home, meditate with it, wear it in your bra, put it in your purse, or really do whatever you fancy with it! Remember – this is about energy, so don’t obsess about doing it right. Just work with the crystal and focus on manifesting.

5.  Become aware of how you’re using your energy.

This is a big one. Once we know that our sexual energy, financial energy, and our power are connected, we become instantly aware of ways we’re using our energy in our lives that are not serving us. Where are you not respecting your sexual energy? Where are you leaking your financial energy? Where are you giving away your power? Shoring up all of this energy will bring it back to you so that you can use it more consciously instead of letting it seep out willy-nilly. When you use this energy on purpose you’ll be shocked by what you’re able to attract and create.

So often we focus on working harder in order to make more money. And we focus on becoming more pleasing to the object of our desire to have more sex. Bringing in the energetic piece allows you to work less and net more and magnetize what you want without trying to be someone you’re not.

Bottom line: money, sex, and power don’t have to be so difficult to create. Use my five suggestions above to work with the energetics so that you can replace the hard work, dissatisfaction, and angst with ease and flow!



Which one of these five suggestions appeals to you the most? What other ways have you worked with energy to ramp up your money, sex, and power energy in the second chakra? I’d love to hear from you in the comments!


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  • Toria

    You have no idea how timely this post is xo ? Thank you ☺️?

  • Great post as always Kate!

    In tantra the 2nd chakra for women is a ying chakra (it is yang for men). This means it is a receptive chakra, so the invitation is to cultivate the energy like a magnet and draw that which you desire towards you as opposed to hunting it down which is the masculine energy. The art lies with being able draw in rather than seduce, the first being a sharing of your ‘nectar’, the second being because you are in lack and desire the nectar of another.

    Blog was a great reminder to nurture my own nectar.

    Thank you!1

    Catherine x

    • Kate Northrup

      Very cool information. That piece about receptivity an magnetism is so powerful and potent. Thanks for adding that in!

  • Jennifer Henriquez

    This article opened my eyes so much. I’ve taken major losses in my finances and also in my power and as these things are happening to me I’ve been less interested in sex to the point where I’m almost asexual. I’ve been experience major lower back pain which is not normal for me and lately my husband has been really into the color orange, which after reading this may be a subconscious response to what is going on with us….. I’ve also been getting into the color orange which used to be one of my hated colors, but this summer I’ve been all over it. What a coincidence!

  • Wonderful information and reminders, Kate. I’m going to go get a beautiful orange vase, put it in the “wealth” corner of my living room where I will see it every day, and start filling it with coins, citrine, and love notes to myself about how powerful, sexy, magnetic, and worthy I am. And because I love to cook, I’m going to add oranges, orange extract and/or essential oils into my food. One of my favorite recipes is baked salmon marinated in orange juice, sesame oil, ginger, and white pepper. A very second chakra supporting dish. Guess what’s on the menu for this weekend!

  • natalie

    kate I’m registered and can’t see how to log onto the webinar??

  • I love citrine & often pop it in my bra. I love the tip about wearing or having orange around your home. I realise I have no orange around my house really. I do have an orange pair of shoes & an orange skirt I’ll have to wear them more & at key times. ?

    • Kate Northrup

      Love popping citrine in your bra!

      • vineet

        hi Katy…I wanted to ask you .if we only focus on 2nd chakra ..wouldn’t it cause imbalance for rest of the chakra system?

        • Kate Northrup

          I didn’t say only focus there. But we need to keep it within our focus because most of the time we forget about it!

          • vineet

            ok…i do what i learned technique from psychic …that you shud rip open 2nd chakra and with help of angels fill and charge with pure energy …as i do that i clearly feel buzzing in body.

  • Cathy

    You are so right about low back pain and financial stress…every time I worry over money I always get the low back pain and I’m acutely aware it’s about money.
    I started doing some new chakra treatments that my dr. bag an doing and have had more healing from these treatments than any diet, pill or surgery combined.
    Thank you for sharing this great info, I’m a firm believer and eager to learn more.

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