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How To Get What You Want: 3 Tips For Manifesting Without Trying Very Hard

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If you’re at all a student of the New Age you’ve most likely heard that your thoughts create your reality.

This is at once freeing, exciting, and terrifying.

Because if you take this notion too far, you end up trying to police your thoughts, and every time you think about getting in a car accident or something bad happening to someone you love, you freak out that you’re going to ruin your life.

I simply don’t believe this is true. I think your overall vibe far outweighs the tendency of the human mind to go into bad neighborhoods every now and again.

So if you want what you want and you want to do something about it, I have 3 manifesting tips for you that don’t require you to power wash your mind or visualize so hard that you get a brain cramp.

1. Want what you want, unabashedly.

Sometimes it can feel hard to get clear on what you actually want. But I call BS on that. I think a lot of the times we say we don’t know what we want because we’re either afraid we can’t have it, so we pretend we don’t want it to save ourselves the disappointment, or we think we’re not worthy of it.

We pretend we don’t know.

I’m inviting you to want what you want, my friend. Unabashedly. You don’t have to tell the people in your life about it who are cranky and judgy. In fact, I recommend that you don’t. But want it. Write it down. Taste it. Feel it. Touch it. Enjoy daydreaming about it. (Often this is the best part anyway, like getting ready for a party. The anticipation and the enjoyment of the preparation is so good!)

2. Let it go.

While this may feel antithetical to item number one, it’s not. When we white-knuckle our desires, we often suffocate them. And those beauties need to breathe. When you’re willing to let go of it needing to turn out a certain way or look a certain way, your desires have the freedom to surprise you by being even better than you could have imagined (or even more transformative for your soul, which doesn’t always feel better, but it is in the end).

3. Be the egg.

My mom talks about “egg wisdom” and the fact that quite literally, the egg sits still and emits a signal that sends the sperm wildly swimming towards it, vying for its attention. The egg doesn’t go running around trying to find the sperm, she doesn’t text the sperm a million times a day, and she doesn’t worry whether or not they’re coming. She just sits there knowing full well that at the right time, the sperm will come. And that she doesn’t need to be anything other than what she is in order for that to happen. She also chooses which sperm she’ll let in and she has the ability to repair her chosen sperm’s DNA if it needs repairing.

We all have this egg wisdom within us. In fact, we were born with it. All of the eggs you will ever have were within your body the day you were born. You don’t have to learn this. You are this.

When it comes to your desires, be the egg.

Know that they’ll come madly swimming toward you when the time is right. Yes, of course, you want to do the things you need to do to make your desires known and put the wheels in motion, but then just be the egg.

Egg your desires on. They’ll come to you.

Getting what you want doesn’t have to mean working your ass off. Let it be easy. 

Want it.

Let go.

Be the egg.

Happy manifesting!


What are your favorite manifesting practices? Tell me all about them in the comments!


  • Regina

    I have a practice that has worked for me several times when I want to obtain some specific material object.

    It consists of loving and sending love vibes everytime I see the object in the street or on t.v., etc.

    A few months ago I felt that my car was getting to old and thought it would be great to get a new one but couldn’t afford the one that I really liked. So I practiced sending love vibes everytime I saw one of those in the street. Suddenly I started seeing them on the street really often and I knew that was a sign that my practise was working.

    A little later my mother came out of nowhere and said. I ‘ve been thinking that your car is starting to looking a bit old. So why don’t you sell it, look for a new one, I’ll pay the difference and you can pay me back little by little!

    Two weeks ago I got the car that I was sending love vibes to and I absolutely love driving it!!!!!

  • I remember saying to a former business partner once, “I manifest like nobody’s business” and she agreed.
    I feel like I spend WAY too much time wrestling with what it should look like, though.
    In the past two years, I have made it a deliberate practice to take a leap of faith on things, and although the growing edges are scary and vulnerable more often, the joy is also greater.
    I feel a huge desire right now for healthy sisterhood, and also to model healthy motherhood and daughterhood.
    Thanks once again, Kate. There’s something very groovy going on here.

    • Kate Northrup

      I love you Jen! You’re super groovy! And I would say you’re totally rocking the sisterhood/motherhood/daughterhood piece!

  • Erin

    Love this blog post!
    Honestly, it should be shared with teens and college students everywhere. In a world of instant gratification, this advice is priceless for everyone. This would be especially helpful to young adults who are just now learning how to navigate the world.
    So we’ll written and timely!

    • Kate Northrup

      I’m so glad it resonates with you and I agree – we all need to learn to sit with anticipation and enjoy it!

  • Ruth

    How I love the “egg wisdom” analogy, thanks so much for sharing it, Kate! <3

    I found that I manifest what I desire the most easily when I stay in the place of gratitude and expectancy, with the trust that God/Universe is going to bless me with what I asked for :)

  • Love this post, right now I’m practicing to think more expansively about what I want, this is timely. And boy, being the egg is applicable to so many other lessons in life ;)


  • LOVE the positive energy of this post. Totally agree that knowing what you want and being able to freely want it, as well as “being the egg”, is so important! It’s sometimes hard to have a healthy balance of being the egg, and taking charge to get where you want to get, but you sum it up really well here. We support your mission wholeheartedly. Thanks for all you do! Looking forward to future posts :)

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