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3 Things About Motherhood That Wire You To Be The Ultimate Entrepreneur

There are two kinds of entrepreneurial moms out there:

1. Haggard, stressed out, and underpaid


2. Calm, peaceful, and profitable

Which one do you resonate with?

We’ve been taught that the only way to grow our businesses and create success is to work harder and longer.

But as a mom who also really wants to be there for her family, this belief system will keep you small.

This belief system might even make you feel like you have to pick between being the kind of mom you want to be and the kind of entrepreneur you want to be.

The result? You don’t choose at all and end up feeling distracted by work when you’re with your kids and feeling guilty about not being with your kids when you’re working on your business.

Haggard, stressed out, and underpaid.

I have good news: there’s an important shift happening in business. A shift that you need to know about – making now the perfect time to grow as an entrepreneurial mom.

I’ve just launched a free, 3-part workshop to let you in on how to be part of this shift…and how to become calm, peaceful, and profitable.

You’ll be really amazed to learn that there are actually 3 things about motherhood that wire you to be the ultimate entrepreneur. (Being a mother is actually an advantage to your career dreams, and this workshop will show you why!)

There’s a company that runs half of the internet operating by the very same principles I’ll teach you to make a life, not just a living…and other companies (some of which are household names) are experiencing massive increases in revenue as a result of implementing some of these same strategies.

You’ll learn all about how you can incorporate these strategies, too, in order to grow in sustainable ways.

Are you ready to run your business and your family in a way that replenishes you instead of drains you?

It all starts with the Sustainable Success Workshop – join us!

See you there!



P.S. In this first session of the workshop, I’m going to share a heartbreaking story of how my mom came up against the old belief that you had to choose career success OR be the kind of mom you wanted to be and how it’s inspired me to create the support and resources so YOU don’t have to make that choice. I can’t wait to let you in on what I’ve got for you.


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