21 Days to Change Your Financial Life with the #MoneyLoveChallenge



Ever since I had the baby I cannot seem to find anything I can tolerate watching other than Modern Family or Fixer Upper.

I can’t stand anything with violence, anything disturbing, anything scary, or anything depressing. So that cuts out almost everything on TV.

I promised Mike I wouldn’t watch the new episodes of Modern Family or Fixer Upper without him while he’s away this weekend, though.

Feeling the need to decompress after a day with an unusually fussy baby (she’s going through a phase), I stumbled upon a treasure trove of DVR’d Super Soul Sunday episodes. Jackpot!

Uplifting – check!
Useful – check!
Positive – check!

So, I was sitting listening to Oprah interview Gretchen Rubin, whom I adore. They were talking about Gretchen’s newest book, Better Than Before.

This quote struck me:

“When you change your habits, you change your life.” ~Gretchen Rubin {Tweet it.}



Our lives are, in fact, made up of the tiny little things we do every single day. Those little actions, even if seemingly insignificant, create our reality.

And if we want to change our reality, we have to change those little things we do every day.

As I sat and listened to Gretchen talk to Oprah about the year she spent taking small actions every day for a year in an incredibly systematic way in order to create more happiness in her life, I though about how you could apply that very same format to anything you wanted more of in your life.

And no matter how “successfully” you followed your plan, you would inevitably see improvements in whichever area of your life you chose to focus on. Because what we put our attention on grows.

While I’m not ready to take on an entire year project like Gretchen, I am ready to take on 21 days.

You may have heard that it takes 21 days to form a new habit. Turns out this is misquoted a lot, and what studies actually show is that it takes a minimum of 21 days to form a new habit.

So why not keep it simple and do the minimum required to potentially form a new habit?

Can’t hurt. Would likely help.

That’s where the #MoneyLoveChallenge comes in.

Join me for 21 days, the minimum amount of time it takes to form a new habit, and see what happens.

We’re going to spend 21 days doing something small that doesn’t take much time in order to put loving, positive attention on our money.

The challenge starts tomorrow, January 14th. It’s free.

All you have to do to join us is opt in HERE.

You’ll get instructions to participate via email when you opt in. It’s super simple, though:

    1. Join the #MoneyLoveChallenge.


    1. Do the small, loving action towards your money every day.


    1. Share it on social media using #MoneyLoveChallenge.


    1. Enjoy the inevitable improvement of your financial life that comes from shining your love on it.


When you share your completed challenges on social media, you’re also automatically entered to win our giveaway of inspiring, #MoneyLove-friendly books and products that will go out to one blessed challenge participant each day.

Join me in changing habits of lack, fear, and worry around money into those of abundance, love, and gratitude.

21 days was enough to make lasting, significant change in many of our 14,000 participants’ lives last year. I know it will be enough for you, too.

Join the #MoneyLoveChallenge.



What habit do you most want to change in your financial life? Leave a comment below – I’d love to hear from you!


  • Larissa

    I want to change the habit of not knowing how to work for myself and how to generate passive income.

  • I would love to become really good at bookkeeping. I have a tendency to save most of it for tax time. Ugh. Balancing checking accounts, sorting receipts, knowing how to use Quickbooks well.

    I am excited just thinking that I could be so much better at keeping my biz finances in order, consistently!


  • Heidi

    Create a loving and appreciating relationship with money.

  • Autumn

    I would like to be debt free with a clear understanding of my bills to increase savings and financial freedom in my future.

  • I want to be consistently aware of any scarcity/financial lack thoughts that creep in, so that I can consistently shift to a higher energy. Because I am just so aware of the power of our inner vibration to create our external reality.

    I’m looking forward to my second experience of the #MoneyLoveChallenge (fun and inspiring first time around!), and infinitude gratitude to you Kate for sharing it with us again.

    As an aside, the #MoneyLoveChallenge also happens to be the online experience that convinced me it’s possible to be fully authentic, powerful and successful on the web. I now have my own online web platform and online coaching program!)

    • Kate Northrup

      Wow Minnie! Such beautiful intentions. And I really appreciate your story of building your online business. Congratulations!

  • Audrey

    I want to get more mindful about consciously choosing how to spend my money and my time – how to invest them both in self-care, in the sense of choosing things that will make my life better in the mid-to-long term, rather than just instant gratification. I learnt so much last year on the challenge and was able to do so much more with my money – and give so much more in gifts to family, friends & charity, so I am really excited about boosting all that with Round 2. Thank you so much for running this again, Kate. I hope you get all this goodness back ten thousandfold!

  • Janet

    I would like to get out of the circle of go/stop/go/stop when it comes to the flow of money so am really looking forward to this 21 day challenge!

  • Oney Jones

    I received a .9999 troy ounce silver bar for Christmas. It’s pretty! It’s shiny! I want a whole bunch of them! LOL A couple days after getting the gift, I had a dream that I was stuffing silver bars into quart size mason jars and laughing whilst trying to put a lid on the jar.

    I would like to understand the value of buying silver and gold bars and learning how/if why it’s a good way to invest.

  • Charlotte

    Dear Kate,

    Thank you for the opportunity to join this challenge. My money love story started on the 1st of January 2016. This challenge will help me focus on my money and my abundance instead of on my lack and debts!

    With love, abundance and prosperity,

  • Sandra

    I would like to get out of that scarcity mentality.
    Become more aware of spending even when I have a small amount cash in my purse.
    Become more aware of what I have in my investments and have a plan as I continue to save money.

  • Karen

    Impulsive buying!

    No savings!!

  • Laura McCann

    I am the same way on TV shows! I’m addicted to Modern Family, Mike & Molly and Buying the Bayou!!

    What I want to do is spend less money on fast food/eating out! I want to bring more of my own food/beverages to work. :)

  • Mary

    I”m actually not broke…and I want to stop feeling like I am broke.

  • Alison

    I am building a great practice which is steadily growing and I am focussed on the path to financial freedom through leverage, valuing my expertise and time and creating a life for myself and my beautiful daughters now – every single day – that is joyful and abundant whilst securing our financial future and liberating myself through creating financial freedom.

    I have recognised in recent days that I am focussing a lot on the practice and I have shifted my intentions and actions to be focussed on an area of my life that I want to grow this year which is ‘love’. When I opened my heart on Monday and invited the opportunity for love, I was rewarded with an incredible financial flow – four outstanding payments received in the following 24 hours, 2 people wanting to buy a house we have had on the market for months and risk losing money on – potentially starting a bidding war today! Bring it on.

    Starting to appreciate that the focus on all of my life and what I truly want (which this year, is love!) flows through into my mindset and my abundance in all areas as well. I did Mindful in May last year which has created habits I will carry for the rest of my life around mindfulness. I am grateful for the opportunity to engage with the Money Love Challenge to add to my growing toolkit of ‘life hacks’ leading to further abundance and peace. Yay!

  • Stacey

    I would like to change my habit of not paying attention to how and where I spend my money. I’m afraid if I keep track it will make me feel bad about the things I spend money on.

  • Hello Kate, Mike, and Baby!

    This year I would love to stop depending on my mom & dad to help make ends meet! I would love to be able to support them! It’s time to turn my financial life around! I have a #USANA business ans It’s just time to grow up a little and enjoy money! If you know what I mean!



  • Kelli-Ann

    I want to operate with boldness and confidence in and around everything to do with my financial health in a loving way and watch the ripple effect that this has on all other areas of my life.
    I want to move forward and stop avoiding creating a website for my Get Glowing Health and Fitness business and stop playing small.
    If I DREAM IT I can DO IT
    It’s time to start dreaming some BIG dreams and let my light shine.
    I know that playing small is robbing the world of my God Given Gifts that this hurting world needs.
    It starts with ME, and it starts TODAY.

  • Katy

    I’ve always felt really lucky about attracting money, but then as quick and unexpectedly as it comes it seems to disappear. I’d love to improve the way i use money so that my family can prosper.

  • Vivian

    I would like to change that I feel really guilty about spending money but I do it anyway!

  • Crys

    I want to say thank you so much for everything you’ve done, your book, your information is so simple yet so powerful! You have helped me start a love story with my money and change my relationship with money. I would never have thought about it but it makes so much sense. Your book has started my journey for financial freedom! THank you so so much! Love & gratitude to you and your family.

  • Nicole

    Looks like I’m not alone in the desire to change my habit around the money lack/scarcity mentality! Prosperity loves company, right? :)

  • Sansan

    I read your book in 2014 and so many others,last week I head an experience where I felt through my fear. In december last year I felt love for money in the first time of my life. So tinghs are changing in me. Now I feel ready for the next step to let the money and all the things I need to live a great life where my dream comes true. English is not my mother language as you can see. With Love Sandra

  • Lavada

    I want to get rid of my issues and fears around lack of money. It keeps me from seeing the possibilities of increasing my joy in life and income in fun, out of the ordinary ways. I have so many skills and talents, but chose to live in a very small box others have defined for me rather than accepting the expansiveness the Universe keeps showing.

  • SavvyMara

    Day 2 ; Recalling has been great! I realize that I have always had a good relationship with money, but just like with any relationship sometimes it easy to become stuck. This excercise has allowed me to remember that I have to find ways and people that will help me to nurture my relationship with money :-)

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