11 Affirmations to Help You Do Less and Have More

11 Affirmations to Help You Do Less and Have More

My annual Do Less Experiment is underway with over 3,400 participants from around the world! (There’s still time to join for free! Just go to www.dolessexperiment.com!)

As we take tiny, daily actions to take things off our plate, minimize overwhelm, and make more space for what truly matters in our lives, I wanted to share some affirmations with you to keep you on the do less train.

Our culture is pretty obsessed with staying busy all the time. I, for one, was raised to believe that my worth was conditional to my productivity.

While I love to get things done as much as the next gal, I also know that attaching my value to what I do is dangerous. Because there are times in life when we need to simply be. There are times when doing is not possible, nor is it desirable. And in these times we need to source our worth from who we are, not what we do – otherwise, taking a break will make us feel worthless.

Use these affirmations every day to remind yourself that doing less is valuable, powerful, and necessary to live a meaningful life.

(We’ve even made a printable version so you can hang it up to remind you!)

When I do less, I make more space for what matters most.

My worth is determined by who I am, not by what I do.

Rest is productive.

Downtime is valuable time.

I accept that this is a productive time even though nothing can be seen yet.

It is safe for me to take a break.

Being is just as valuable as doing, and sometimes even more so.

Taking frequent breaks allows me to do my best work.

My creativity is fueled by rest.

I am my best self when I am well rested.

Doing less allows me to have more of what matters in my life.

11 affirmations to cure overwhelm and busyness from @katenorthrup. #doless http://bit.ly/2Dp3ZPS 

Click here to join The Do Less Experiment if you haven’t yet – it’s free and enrollment closes in a few short days!


What do you say to yourself when you’re overwhelmed or overscheduled? What “do less” affirmations do you have? Share them below as I’d love to hear them!


  • My new year’s resolution was to cut back on unproductive social media. It’s too easy to get dragged in to things that waste time and are frustrating, even though I only use it for my work/business. So I simply check it less and only comment on things if it’s important or I have time to spend answering the replies, rather than it putting pressure on my day and irritating me.

  • Sarah

    Isn’t it funny how we can get so sucked into it, and go right down a hole for hours? I’ve managed to (mostly) successfully un-tether from social media, news, and anything else I believe has the potential to disrupt my peace this year, too, but man, it’s a challenge! What a waste of time and positive energy! :)

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