Would you like God to handle that for you?


There are things we can totally handle on our own like making a salad for lunch or writing an email (most days, anyway).

Then there are things that feel insurmountable. They either have so many steps that we feel overwhelmed just thinking about them, or they seem so out of our control that we just don’t even know where to start.

These are bigger things such as:

  • Meeting our soul mate
  • Finding a career we’re passionate about
  • Overhauling our relationship with money
  • Finally forgiving our mother
  • Growing a business that reaches thousands of people
  • Falling in love with our body

I could go on, but I think you get my point.

When I’m faced with one of the bigger desires like the ones I just listed, I like to put it in my “God Box.” I heard of the concept of a God Box from Julia Cameron, author of The Artist’s Way.

The way I use it is as a safe place to put my worries, desires, concerns, or anything else that I’d like God or the Universe to handle for me. (I use these terms interchangeably. Use whatever term for a power greater than yourself that feels good to you.)

I had completely forgotten about this practice until I recently found the God Box I’d created before I left on The Freedom Tour in 2011.

God Box       God Box Notes

I placed the following items that I wanted God to take care of inside the box before that trip:

  • Attracting my soul mate
  • Credit card debt
  • My car for $450/month or less

I didn’t worry too much about wording them perfectly. I figured God knew what I meant.

I was delighted to remember that each and every one of those things manifested or was taken care of within a few months of my placing them in the box (with the exception of my car payment, which was $40 more than I originally desired, but it all worked out).

Did I also take action steps toward taking care of each of these items? Absolutely.

I invited Mike, my now husband, to drive across the country with me.

I decreased my spending and increased my income and self-value so that I could pay off my debt.

I asked my uncle to help me buy a car. (This is not an area of strength, so I called in support.)

Turning something over to the Universe doesn’t mean not doing anything about it anymore. It just means not worrying about it so much anymore.

It’s like this African proverb that I love to quote:

As you pray, move your feet.

Did I attract my husband and pay off my debt because I put pink sticky notes in a little wooden jewelry box that I decorated with sequins? I really don’t know.

When I started spending time with Mike I wasn’t feeling all desperate about whether or not he was my future husband. Because I knew God was helping me attract my future husband. I could simply enjoy getting to know this adorable new guy.

When I started to ramp up my business I didn’t feel pressured to make a certain amount of money within a certain amount of time because I knew God was helping me pay off my credit card debt. So I focused on adding more value where I could and increasing my self-value…and the money showed up.

I did my part. God did her part.

I felt more relaxed as soon as I handed over the things I most desired to be handled to a power greater than myself.

We’re more purposeful when we’re less worried. {Tweet it.}

We’re more purposeful when we’re less worried-tweet

Putting things in my God Box reminds me that I have help and that I’m not in this alone.

As a result, the actions I take are lighter, more joyful, and more filled with ease.

Life feels better when we’re relaxed. And it works better, too. {Tweet it.}

Life feels better when we’re relaxed. And it works better, too-tweet

Next time you find yourself worrying about something or obsessing about how you’re possibly going to get something done or get something handled, put it in a God Box.

You don’t have to decorate something fancy (though go for it if crafting is your thing!) – any old box will do. (Cardboard totally works!)

Hand it over to God. The help is available. It doesn’t have to be all up to you. You just have to ask.

Then you can get on your merry way enjoying the process of creating what you want way more than you would have if you’d kept doing it like it was all up to you.



What would you like some help handling in your life? Have you ever used a “God Box” yourself? Let me know in the comments!


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