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Starting a Sustainable Business as a New Mother

Amber Lilyestrom, brand strategist and business coach, used to work 50+ hours a week in a corporate job until she realized that she didn’t even want the career she was working her butt off towards achieving.

She started her business when her daughter was only 8 months old and hit six figures in her first year.

But she only worked 2-3 hours a day while her daughter napped.

I wanted to find out how the heck Amber did that because it sounds like some kind of fantasy to me. But I know Amber, and I know it’s true. So, I interviewed her to get to the bottom of it.

Watch the interview below to learn:

    • How a relatively simple process that anyone can do (that means you!) allowed Amber to hit her ambitious business goals within her first year of launching


    • How scheduling her business in accordance with her monthly cycle has helped her tap into deeper creativity and authenticity – resulting in making $10K more in the first quarter of 2017 than she did in an entire year in her corporate job (and how you can use the same practice to tap into a wellspring of creativity and energy you never even knew you had!)


    • How being real and sometimes showing the more messy sides of your life can actually be an asset in your business


Click below to watch the video.


I’ve been able to meet my clients where they are because in fully supporting myself I can fully support them. [email protected] 

What if you could work for just a few solid, focused hours a day and reach your business goals without work overtaking your life like Amber figured out how to do?

I’ll teach you how to match your business with your monthly cycle or the phases of the moon to reach maximum creativity and productivity, why time management is a waste of time and how to manage your energy instead, and how to get better results with less effort in my upcoming, free Sustainable Success Workshop.

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The workshop starts May 9th, and if you run a business (or want to) and consider yourself a nurturer, you won’t want to miss it.

I’ve never been as proud of anything I’ve ever created – other than my daughter – as I am of this workshop.
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