Wiring Yourself for Abundance in 3 Easy Steps

Have you ever noticed that there are people who, no matter what’s going on in the economy, are prospering?

No matter what’s going on with the government, there are people experiencing plenty.

No matter what the outside circumstances are, there are some people who always attract abundance.

When it comes to creating financial freedom, wiring yourself for attracting abundance is equally, if not more, important than taking action steps in the material world for creating it.

Spending time cultivating an abundance mindset is one of the best investments you can make toward your financially free future. Why? Because you have no control over the economy, the government, your boss, or anyone or anything else for that matter. But you always have control over your mind.

The thoughts we think and the words we say create our realities. Plain and simple.

So how do we wire ourselves for abundance?

In this episode of Financial Freedom Friday I’m going to teach you 3 easy steps to take to make sure you’re attracting a prosperous reality no matter what.

Click the video below to dive in.

When we celebrate what other people have we attract it for ourselves. (Tweet it!)

Over to you:

What’s a repetitive thought you have about money that you could change so that you are attracting abundance to you, not repelling it?

Have you gotten your copy of Money: A Love Story yet?

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  • Great video! Loved what you had to say! Cheers to you Kate!! Here’s to abundance!

  • Love your video Kate. You are very engaging.

    I always need a good reminder to attract abundance. It’s funny that if i remember all my bills i always have enough money to pay for them. But if i forget about one, uh oh, guess what. What i need to do is shift view of my check book from just “covering” my bills to having plenty of excess!

    Thanks for the reminder..


  • Hi Kate,
    This was so timely. I’m making some big ‘to me’ moves and whew…I am freaked a bit this afternoon. Clearing my thoughts, getting back to the energy of abundance that supported my moves. No matter what! I’m in this to create my financial freedom! Thanks for your inspiration as always!! You are so fresh, I love it!

  • I love your new Friday videos and look forward to them each week. I also have pre-ordered your book and am excited to read it. Thanks for putting a twist on financial information making it appealing to all!

  • does your new book come in a Kindle version?

  • This is great advice, Kate! I love the ideas. Just like a house can have faulty wiring and the electricity may not work so well (or may actually even be dangerous for us) it’s just as important to wire ourselves the way we want. If we want the money to show up, we have make sure the wiring is correct!

  • Mary Louise Ardam

    Just purchased your book. The order # is 110-6793469-5442668 I purchased it from Amazon.com The page to click on did not connect. Thank you!

  • Carlos Barreira

    hello kate.

    Thanks for the video. Is simple, well built and well summarizes the most important steps to take to apply the law of attraction in our personal finances.

    I have a question that I’d like you to answer me. I’m from Portugal and I feel I should adquir your book because I have to learn with you some advice on some aspects of the law of attraction.

    How can I get it and have a conference with you online?

    I liked a lot to share with you some ideas and thoughts. You are the right person for whom I’ve been looking to talk.

    Thank you

    I hope the answer

    Carlos Barreira

  • Jennifer Nightlinger

    Hi Kate-

    LOVE, Love, Lovin’ your Financial Freedom Fridays! I’m soaking it in feverishly, and applying every last juicy little nugget of wisdom!

    -Lovingly care for my money, bills smoothed and orderly (check)
    -Build MLM biz for sustained residual income (check)
    -Open “Money for Me” account at SmartPig.com (check)
    -Open and read ALL mail (even the yucky stuff) immediately (check)
    -Take the words “I can’t afford that” out of my vocab (check)
    -Practice gratitude (check)
    -Celebrate accomplishments/abundance (check)
    -Operate from a place of GOOD VIBRATIONS (CHECK)

    Now, for the million dollar question…Where or where can I find that gorgeous pink cardi you were wearing in this weeks episode? Love it, and “Money for Me” account is abundant enough to support the well earned reward! ;-)

  • Kate, Loved the video. Thanks for sharing such great tips. You’re the best.

  • Loved this video Kate. My boyfriend attracts abundance all the time and I’ve definitely had to rethink my thoughts due to my parent’s belief system etc regarding money. Attitude of gratitude is so important. Thanks xx

  • I have heard a lot of people talk about abundance and money and you put a different spin on it that I can really relate too. I look forward to these videos every Friday! I especially love that you don’t take yourself too seriously and post the outtakes at the end. It makes me giggle every time! Lastly, I pre-ordered your book and am looking forward to reading it and putting your ideas into practice. Thanks!!

    • danielle

      Thanks for this Kate! I’ve read the book doing an exercise a day and am attracting abundance already , including money I loaned (and gave up hoping it would be repaid) suddenly putting my account in credit! The money for me account is growing and I love the feeling of getting quality products at reasonable prices. Spending clever! Still working on income streams but I’ll get there !!thank you so much for sharing this information, having weekly prompts will help me maintain my mindset.xxxxxx

  • Love this video! Love your shirt too! I am attracting inspiration for a new closet of clothes! ;)

  • maria

    thank you! great stuff!

  • Caren

    Thank you that was too cute

  • Heidi Howes

    Kate, this was soooo helpful and thank you soo much for your wisdom! I am grateful for your message in my life.

  • Vicki

    Liked this .. it rings truth…

  • Thank you for your wonderful videos, Kate. They always come at the right time. I love noticing all that I have now and being grateful for all I have. I always feel happier and richer inside when I focus on all that I have each day, and write a gratitude journal every night from each day.

    Have a blissful weekend x

    In gratitude and Joy :)


  • Marsha

    Wonderful! What inspiration!

  • Mark D. Girouard

    This was just what I was looking for :-)

    Thank You!!!

  • Jolanda

    Kate, love the video, it’s amazing how my thoughts create my feelings. Your uplifting words made me smile & cry this morning (in a great way ;) Thanks for your inspiring message!!!

  • Miss. Miller

    I just happened upon this site on my fb page. Very good, I will be registering so I can have the transformative information everyday. Thank You Jennifer!

  • Deborah Chalk

    Thanks Kate for another amazing insightful video. I’ve just realised I’ve not been picking up thoughts of car envy when I go for a walk. It would be better to enjoy the walk I think. I am so guilty of comparing what I have negatively to what others have. There’s a lot to learn about improving my relationship with money. I look forward to next week’s video and to your book.

  • Hey my bank account could be better but we DO have a gardener and a beautiful home. Guess what I’m writing in my gratitude journal tonight!

  • Jessica Obregón Andria

    Thank You very much for these practicar strategies!!! Its amazing to see how simple life is!!! Regargs from México!!!!

  • Charles Edward

    I really love your personality.
    Your so cute and refreshing with such a feel good message.
    Your videos remind me of bewitched! Ding ^o^
    Your personality is wonderful. Thank you.

  • Thanks Kate for these great tips (which I wrote down!). I notice at times I am not conscious of my words and thoughts around money and abundance, growing up with the message “you can’t afford that, why are you buying that”…I find it challenging to let go of that…I must be more diligent.

    Rosslyn P.

  • That number two has definitely snuck in!! Am re-wiring every moment. Thank you, thank you! xoxo

  • “Celebrate what other people have” is a wonderful tool you mentioned Kate. They are showing us that if they can have it, so can we. Thanks.

  • Great reminder to be aware or our language and thought processes Kate.


  • Such a cute video. Okay, so some repetitive thoughts about money I’ve had that I’m in the process of changing so that money & abundance will be free to flow in–I think I used to feel shame regarding my money management, judging myself to be a ‘bad’ money manager. A second thought (or maybe feeling is the more appropriate word) has been a feeling of fear that would come up with the thought of having abundance. I’ve been working on the first, with tapping & also, reading your blog & following your advice makes me feel like it’s safe to look at my money–I’m know I’m not going to read something in your blog that will make me feel like I have to shame myself into being a better money manager–I can celebrate what I am currently doing. And, looking at and managing my money is actually kinda fun. Regarding the feelings of fear, I just keep trying to redirect my thoughts & instead focus on gratitude for what I do have, as a way of coming my fear. I might dig deeper with tapping to try to get at where that comes from. Sometimes, lately, I wonder if what I’m thinking is fear is actually now feelings of excitement surrounding knowing that I’m starting to open toward allowing abundance to flow in.

    Thanks for the these three great actions to take–I plan on watching this again.

  • Thanks for this reminder, Kate! Great video – they just keep getting better and better. ♥

  • My favorite video yet! A great reminder and 3 simple tips I can implement immediately! Thank you :)

  • JennyK

    I always feel pure joy after being with you (watching your videos).. Thank you always.. for sharing with us.

  • Marissa

    Thank you so much for your energy in this world! I love how real and relatable you are. I can sense your genuine energy in all that you do!! xoxo

  • wow..that is awesome
    I thought this teachings existed only in churches and am so thrilled to know that it applies also in the business world..
    keep it coming sweetie..

  • Thanks Kate…..I think I am becoming your biggest fan :-)

  • Kate,thank you very much for spreading and radiating your abundant energy, your video made my day brighter and wealthier:) Love and Light !

  • Emilie

    Merci! You are helping me to realize how negative my view of money is and the effect it has on my prosperity.

  • Tarvinder

    It was a real boost, Thank you for your presence and guidance. God bless you <3

  • Michele B

    I am having trouble with Donald Trump example because I don’t want to declare bankruptcy again and again. When I hear bankruptcy I think of those people and businesses who he was indebted to who didn’t get their money or settled for a financial settlement but took a loss. I know not positive thoughts…but I guess that is why I am taking the Money Love Story Course.

    • Kate

      Michele – the point is to not get stuck on the example itself but understand the concept – that it’s your mindset about money, not your circumstances, that determine your reality.

  • Awesome tips, Kate. I got confused for a sec since it has the pre-order thing at the end and the book’s been out already ;) haha. But seriously, it’s crazy how much gratitude can do for our life. I’ve been making gratitude a daily practice and this just gave me that much more inspiration to stay the course. Thank you!

  • Rachel

    So awesome! Thanks so much for sharing. I defiantly will be taking another look at my thoughts after this. It just seems like the world is a rat race and I watch others and then mimicking their thoughts (which are not good). I gotta stop doing that and being more grateful of what I have and what I want. New 3 words to memorize and mantra …Abundance…Gratitude…Prosperity!

  • Lara

    HI Kate – you have no idea how I needed to hear those words today. When things in life feel so negative, its hard to see silver linings but at the end of the day, you have reminded me that its all up to me though my thoughts and my actions. I’m looking forward to my wealthy future!

  • Hi Kate!! I started right away with “an attitude of gratitude”! Thank you very much!!

  • Camilla Vergara

    Hi Kate
    The live and intimate Q&A you speak about ind the video, is that also for those who have purchased your book outside of UK? I have bought mine in Denmark, were I live. And I reeeeally loved to join you at your Q&A.

  • It’s really a nice and helpful piece of information. I’m satisfied that you simply shared this helpful info with
    us. Please stay us informed like this. Thank you for sharing.

  • Laura

    Great video, Kate – love it! Precise, on point, and you are delightful. :) Looking forward to meeting you one of these days; I think you know my friends Barbara and Suzy. :)

  • Loved it & completely agree thank you for the reminder! :-)

  • Excellent video and advice, love it! Thank you Kate.

    Much love,

  • Thanks for this lovely, positive reminder about abundance that came to my mailbox today. I’m watching my words about money, excited for others’ successes, and practicing gratitude… starting NOW!

  • Patricia

    Hi there

    Thank you soooo much for the information, you are awesome!!!

  • Yes! I love all three and took complete notes! I am working with the girls and ladies on my Facebook page: Lora’s group Health/Beauty to edify and encourage them to prosperity in all areas of their life. I pay very close attention to each of the authors that you mentioned in these three steps and follow yours and you mom’s very closely. Thank you and please keep sharing!! I am checking for your Money book right now!

  • Hey Kate,

    Love your vibe.
    Tx for especially tip 2.

    I can be jealous some times. Great reminder to examine my thinking and the experience I create through this. Being jealous diminishes my own uniqueness and power to create abundance and through that wealth.

    Seems so easy when I put it here and actually it is.

    Tx for the gift many times,


  • Thanks Kate! Feeling blessed to have you as a financial role model and female inspiration!

  • Mehdi

    This video is Excellent,
    I love it!
    Thanks a lot Kate.

  • Gwen Yarbrough

    This is fantastic! I love the way you express everything you say. It’s like I’m sitting on the edge of my seat soaking up every word! Thank you for all that you share that helps me switch to an abundant mindset….I have a believer in the law of attraction for the past few years and it just gets better….I ordered your book through kindle a few days ago and have a journal that I write in daily!
    You are an amazing Inspiration ????
    I “discovered” you and your book while reading your Mother’s book….”Goddesses Never Age”….

  • Hey Kate- LOVE this video and am sharing it! Thanks for your enthusiasm and clarity and your sweet smile! I love listening to you speak. I too found you through your mom’s website Goddesses never age. Love you both!

  • Thank you for this mini-tutorial! It came at exactly the right time – I had forgotten my own abundance in the beautiful simple things – such a lovely reminder. Thank you Kate xxxx

  • Mary

    Kate, when I watch your videos and read your blog I feel supported by you and empowered by you. I am amazed how you have made me feel like we are friends and we haven’t even met! Thank you for all you do!

  • Stella

    Well, using as example of “abundant mindset” an individual like Trump who built his money stepping on other people’s lives and has built a presidential campaign on hatred, racism, division and violence just isn’t acceptable. I will gladly unsubscribe, not sorry.


    • Kate Northrup

      Hey Stella – I filmed this video waaaaay before Trump was campaigning for his presidency. I would never, ever use him as an example again. Trust me.

  • Janice

    Great video Kate I have been checking my bank account daily since taking your online course. Keywords: Thinking,
    Judgements, Gratitude. LOVE your style- cute, chic, sophisticated, saavy and positively upbeat. Made my day. Your comment on judgements? Very helpful.Thankyou!

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