What is financial freedom? New video series!

I’ve been cooking this series up for you for a few months and I’m so excited to debut it today!

Welcome to Financial Freedom Friday!

Every Friday for the next couple of months I’ll be sharing a new video that I created for you, the financial freedom seeker.

I went through the most common questions I get, I polled my online community, and I jotted down some strokes of inspiration to deliver the most relevant, practical, and inspirational money tidbits I could muster.

Why did I do this?

Because I want you to have peace when it comes to your money.

I want you to wake up in the morning and be able to spend your precious time doing whatever makes you feel bliss.

I want you to create the life you really want.

The Financial Freedom Friday videos are going to teach you what you need to know about the emotional, energetic, and practical aspects of money to be able to create true freedom in your life.

And guess what? They’re fun and easy to understand! One of the things that kept me from getting it together financially for a long time was that I thought it was boring and overwhelming.

I’m committed to helping make your journey to financial freedom entertaining and pleasurable. Sound good?

The premier episode answers the question:

What is financial freedom?

In this video:

  • I tell my own story of going from financial chaos to financial freedom more quickly than I thought possible.
  • I reveal the mind-blowingly simple “Financial Freedom Equation” that you’ve got to know if you want to be free.
  • I give you two very simple, practical action steps to get you on the road to financial freedom.


Watch the episode by clicking below:

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Over to you:

What really “does it for you”? What would you be doing with your time if money weren’t a concern? 

What topics would you like to see covered in future Financial Freedom Friday videos?



  • Hi Kate! I love that you’re doing Freedom Friday!

    I already know my freedom number (and I’m well on my way to making even more) and I know the “why”.

    The why IS big enough (freedom is my life path number so it’s the quest of my life to be free) but this WHY is not enough to sustain DISCIPLINE. Actually, there’s a total disconnect between freedom & discipline!

    I’m curious as to what advice you have for me so that I can achieve my long term financial goals and stay on the path long enough to reach them. I seem to be lacking MAJOR discipline to sustain any kind of momentum and yes, designer sample sales are one of my weaknesses.



    • Kate

      What a great question Caroline! I was exactly in your spot several years ago – I had the desire but not the discipline. There are some shifts you can make that are pretty simple – and that will be covered in a future video. Stay tuned!

  • Oh my gosh, this is SO good! I feel so inspired after watching this, looking forward to more of this series. Thank you!

  • Thank you so much for posting this, I’ve been struggling with releasing my blocks surrounding money and really trying to establish some financial freedom. I’ve been reading (and listening) to you for a while, but I don’t believe I’ve every commented. You are a beeeeeautiful, shimmering inspiration, thank you for sharing your knowledge.

    Love Always,

  • I love your new financial Fridays video ideas. Thanks so much for this Kate. This is something I have just sunk my teeth into since starting my own business and leaving a steady paycheck so am enjoying reading and now watching your advice on how to become financially free!

    Thanks so much,

  • Kate ~ Congrats on your new series – it’s awesome! And THANK YOU for boiling this topic down with such simplicity and grace! I’ve heard these concepts before, but you really have a fantastic way of presenting them in an easily digestible format with simple action steps that I can take NOW. This is the message I needed to hear today ~ Eager for next Friday! Much gratitude~

  • Kate, amazing premier video. It was engaging and inspiring and can’t wait to sit down and work through the takeaways. Look forward to future freedom Fridays! And as always thank you for creating the space to shine your light.

    xo Nicki

  • Victoria

    Great job, Kate. LOVE the video!

  • I loved the video Kate! I’m gonna find my freedom # and follow your videos every Friday. Thank for this awesome gift!

  • Kate,
    Love this so much! Looking forward to learning more from the Financial Freedom Friday series. I’ve known my “monthly nut”, so I’m working on articulating the “Why”. Is the “Why” — you want financial freedom, or “Why” the monthly nut is the number that it is?
    Can’t wait for the book, and to see what’s next, next Friday!

  • Lindsay

    I LOVE Financial Freedom Fridays! Thanks so much Kate. I also loved your interview with Dan Pink earlier this week. Isn’t he great?! I think I have a secret author crush on him ;)

  • The work you are doing really resonates with me. You are very inspiring. Actually yesterday I saw another video of you that was shot at a yoga festival in Canada. It inspired me so much that I ended up organising my office that was a bit of a mess, organising my accounting and making a personal budget. I felt it was key your notion of breaking the denial around money problems.
    I woke up this morning like ready to go to school with my new lovely working space ready for creation and an awesome clarity on what is my financial situation and what is my goal. It gave me peace.
    Its not only what you say but how you say it. You are so human and sincere that the message touched me deeply.

    Thank you for that!

    Looking forward to the next videos.

    Onward with the creation!


    • Kate

      Rakel – I’m so glad you found the talk inspiring and that you’re receiving the info you need. You’re doing awesome!

  • Hi Kate!
    thanks for your video! Very inspiring!
    I am grateful for the synchronicity of your video in my life,
    as I’m thinking about all this;

    Actually, I have a question (I give it a go on trying to be clear about it
    and English isn’t my mother tongue)-

    you asked to determine our:
    1/ monthly nut
    2/ burning desire – our why

    would you agree to say that “number 2: our why” helps to determine “number 1:
    our nut”?

    if my why is to buy a Chanel suit every month, or if I want to be able to see
    the Ocean every day, the size of my nut wouldn’t be the same, right?

    it might be obvious but just want to check ;)

    Merci !

    Sophie xxx

    • Kate

      This is a great question Sophie! Your monthly nut is the amount that you currently need to live on. You could also have a desired monthly nut to work towards covering with passive/residual income after you achieve the number that reflects your current lifestyle. Does this make sense?

  • Awesome Kate! I loved the video. I have my work for the week on my office white board “monthly nut = $?’ “burning desire = ?” I want to be ready for next Friday’s video. I have the residual income tool already with my USANA business. Now down to business.

  • OMG! This was exactly what I needed today. SO AWESOMELY GREAT. I feel much better about my direction.
    ps. You look smashing!
    Thank you. Can’t wait till next Friday.

    Lisa ;)

  • Doreen

    Aloha Kate,

    I would just tell you: you are such a sweety! And it was really enjoyable and informative to watch your little video! :0)
    Also when I guess all or the most of the content will not apply to me (not because of you! just because of my actual situation and personality) I will just keep following you on fridays whenever possible! :0)

    Well done! And thanx for your energy, time and effort!

    Huggies… D.

  • I LOVE this. Thanks so much for breaking it down into small, manageable steps:) And P.S. you look gorgeous!

  • Jenny

    At last! It’s as if you were speaking to me directly. My life seems to be centered around this and I haven’t been able to get there. Thank you for sharing!

  • Anne Marie

    A big thank you Kate. I am so glad you found this early in your life and hope its not too late for a 53 year woman. I am willing to try and look forward to the future Financial Freedom videos.

    • Kate

      Anne Marie – it’s never too late. As my friend Mama Gena says: “Your timing is perfect and elegant.”

  • Jamie Leff

    This was such a aha for me!!! You are such an inspiration! I live what you are doing and can’t wait to read your book!! Xoxo

  • Rachel Northrup

    Dear Kate!! I loved this video great content, LOVAH your eyebrows and make up!!! Seriously back to content so happy you are educating people on choices and the work to have it all ( the slice you really desire!)
    Very refreshing and real and I remember those sample sales;)
    So much love off to do my homework!

  • i have learnt this the hard way, when my children was growing up, i had two jobs just to make ends meet, now they are older and i do not have to worry so much about them, i have one job working part time. Now i have loads of time to do what i love which is passing guidance onto others and finally being able to use my healing abilities in a shop which my friend is about to open. I know i am being guided on this journey as i am doing what i love and not worrying about money any more. Thank you for this video Xxx

  • Good video Kate. You’re right, the WHY is extremely important. I put it as the main reason for my own financial freedom. Keep having fun on your journey :)

  • Hello kate.
    I’m really enjoying the financial education you have been teaching to the people. Once you use the law of attraction in your financial life and work, it would be possible to tell us stories or episodes of results you have had with the law?

    In my opinion to know the stories or episodes of authors of books for personal development, we are more enthusiastic, excited and motivated.

    thank you

    Carlos Gustavo

  • Sandy

    Hi Katie
    So glad to have found your site & the vidoes are truly inspriing. Come from a family that sent out alot of bad vibes & lack thoughts.
    Find hope through your vidoes.

  • Cindy

    I love this series. Thanks for posting it. I just bought your book and am enjoying it greatly.

  • Sarah K

    Hi Kate
    How do I work out my freedom number? I don’t understand….

    Thank you!

  • Hi Kate, I’m from Brazil and I’m loving your vídeos, they’re being essential for my finacial and life development. This concept today made it so much easier and fun, can’t wait to see more. Thank you again for expressing all of your gifts and inspire others to do the same! ;)

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