Want Help Doing Less To Get Better Results? Listen In!

Want help doing less to get better results? Listen in!

I woke up to a message from our podcast producer letting us know that the audio file we’d sent him was unusable. Ugh. I know you’ve been there: an hour or more of audio or video presented, only to realize that you were just talking into the void.

Mike and I decided it must have been a conversation that we needed to have, just the two of us, and that it was good practice for a future episode. (I promise, we’ll make sure we get the best nuggets to you in a future episode.)

135 episodes in to The Kate & Mike Show with nearly half a million downloads, and this has never happened before.

In honor of saving time (yours and mine), we decided to record a super short and sweet episode for you this week (7:41, to be exact) to replace the one that got lost to the tech gremlins.

The episode has a special invitation for you if you want my help getting better results by doing less.

Click here to listen to this week’s super short episode.

Ever since Do Less came out nearly two months ago, I’ve had you in my heart, feeling into what we could do together next.

Today’s episode lets you in on what I’ve come up with.



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