The Untold Story Behind the Do Less Planner

The Untold Story Behind the Do Less Planner

I haven’t been 100% honest with you.

And I didn’t realize it until just this very moment.

I was about to tell you what I’ve been saying about the Do Less Planner System the whole time…that it “downloaded” when I got my period back after I had my first baby, and then after Do Less came out I got so many requests for a planner based on it that we decided to make one.

But I’ve been leaving a really important part out.

We actually had a planner and it was only available in our membership, Origin®, about growing your business while doing less. (Doors are currently closed but you can get on the waitlist for the next time we open enrollment.)

I was happy to keep our planner operation super small because I thought that the only way the planner would make sense is inside the context of the unique framework of cyclical planning that we teach and practice inside Origin.

Then we got an email from a member with a link to another member’s Facebook post that said,

“The planner pages this person is selling look really similar to the planner pages in Origin.”

She was right. One of our members was selling a rip-off of the planning system I’d created.

I was pissed, and we did what we needed to do from a logistical and legal perspective.

But nestled just under my indignation was actually excitement.

Her Facebook post had a long, enthusiastic thread of people so excited to get their hands on the planner pages. 

And they were not part of Origin, nor did they have access to the framework I thought people needed in order for the planner to make sense.

“Huzzah! This planner is ready for the public, and the public is ready for it!” I realized.

Sometimes we have to have something taken from us in order to realize how valuable it is.

And thus, through many mis-steps, joyous ideation, customer service foibles and repairs, and giddy unwrapping moments, The Do Less Planner System was born.

It has 3 main elements (and all of them are self-dated so you can start whenever you want and skip a day or two here and there):

  • The Do Less Planner (digital or physical): The only planner designed with your body, nature, and the cosmos in mind. Use the yearly, seasonal, monthly, weekly, daily, and moon pages to fit more of yourself into your days so you can have more by doing less. 
  • Supplemental Daily Energy Tracker: Track your daily energetic ebbs and flows to optimize your time and energy (and minimize stress) using the Daily Energy Tracker. Each physical Do Less Planner contains 90 days’ worth of the Daily Energy Tracker, so buy 1 to try it out, or buy 3 supplements to make sure you have a 1-year supply. Keep it by your bedside for an easy, powerful, morning and evening practice. 
  • Supplemental Daily Renewable Planner: This is the only daily planner that features your day as a circle. Use it to schedule appointments, color code it for time-blocking, track your hours with it, and prepare to revolutionize your relationship to time. The Daily Renewable Planner is not included in the physical Do Less Planner. (Each supplemental planner has 90-days worth of pages.)
Shop the Do Less Planner System.

In the end, I’m really grateful to the person who took my idea and sold it as her own. She helped me see that I was undervaluing it and that I needed to take it more seriously and get it out into the world.

So now it is, and if you’re ready to have time on your side, you can give yourself that gift right now.

What part of the Do Less Planner System have you tried? How has it worked for you so far? What questions do you have about it if you’re considering getting one? Let me know in the comments!


  • I’ve opened my planner and then closed it, wondering how I can make it work when I don’t have a period after a hysterectomy 10 years ago.

    My question is how can I make it work when I don’t know my cycle?

  • Hello! I have recently discovered Kate and all the awesomeness! One burning question I have though is this…Has anyone considered tracking the moon’s perigee (moon closest to earth) and apogee (moon farthest from earth) calendars rather than the new moon/full moon calendars? Again, I’m new to all of this, but tracking the sun’s shadow on the moon doesn’t seem to jive with the theory of moon’s gravitational pull, but tracking the moon’s closeness to the earth does (in my mind). Am I missing something?
    P.S. I ordered the planner for the first time and am SOOOO excited!
    Appreciating your thoughts,

    • Kate Northrup

      Fascinating question Tiffany! I don’t know much about this at all but it would be really interesting to track it in concert with your energy levels and see how they ebb and flow. If you do it please keep me posted!

  • Kate, thank you for sharing this part of the story. They went low and you went high – kudos! Question – I have your book Do Less, and I’m wondering if the planner is easy to follow on your own or is it more geared to people in your Origins program? I am in a business influencer mastermind currently with Jeannie Spiro and am thinking about using it as a supplement to that program. I am LOVING the book!! Thank you! Oh, and I now follow your mom (!!) and bought one of her books … I am very interested in her work around menopause as I just turned 55 and my body may actually have started the process just recently. I feel like I’m 40 so I think I confused my body for a long, long time! LOL. Be well and keep smiling that beautiful smile of yours!! With light & positive vibes, Drita

    • Kate Northrup

      Hi Drita! The planner is as easy to follow as the book – no need to be part of the program to understand how to use it. Plus it comes with tutorial videos. Once you take a look you’ll see it’s very intuitive!

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