The inside job that works every time.

Complete this sentence:

I’ll be happy when_________.

I bet you didn’t have to think very hard or for very long to come up with something. Yep, our instinct that we’ll be able to be happy when we fall in love, when we lose 15 lbs., when we move to the city of our dreams, when we make six figures, or when we find inner peace is hard-wired.

Though seductive, the idea that we’ll be happy when something happens outside of us is totally backwards.

The way it really works is that we find ways to tap into our inner happy and then our life actually begins to look and feel the way we’ve always wanted it to. It’s an inside job.

We’ve all been trained to get our duckies in a row. Find the guy. Get the house. Have a baby. (Ideally by the age of 30.) Join the PTA. Lose your belly fat. Have lovely landscaping. And nice window treatments while you’re at it. Dress well – not too sexy, not too matronly. Give back. Do work you love. Make excellent money. Travel. Be well read and educated but not too opinionated. Check off the boxes and then you’ll be happy.

We’ve all been sold a bill of goods, a hill of beans, a load of crap. Happy is here and now if we choose it.

Deep, lasting happiness can be yours at any time, but it can only come from one place…

From within YOU.

Sure, our circumstances trigger our fleeting Happiness. But circumstances are not SUSTAINABLE because they are totally out of our control.

We HAVE TO source Happiness from something we have total control over…our thoughts, feelings and actions!

That’s why I wanted to fill you in on this FREE interview series I’m doing with Bec Robbins called Secrets to Lasting Happiness. The Secrets you’ll learn here are INVALUABLE in sourcing that LASTING Happiness. Also included in the series are

=======> Secrets to Lasting Happiness<======

Even if you’ve mastered ‘fleeting Happiness’ in your life, you will not want to miss this because it will totally take you to that deeper level of Happiness you’ve always craved.

I had so much fun doing the interview with Bec and I know you’ll love the series! You’ll also get to hear from some of my other friends including Tanya Geisler, Barbara Carrelas, Lissa Rankin, Dyana Valentine, Molly Mahar, and Hiro Boga.

You and everyone around you deserve to tap into your endless, inner source of happy. Happy is your birthright.

=======> Secrets to Lasting Happiness<======


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