The Antidote to Business Overwhelm [Free Workshop]

The Antidote to Business Overwhelm [Free Workshop]

Don’t know where to start when it comes to growing your business?

I’ve got something that’s going to help you immensely.

Success in business is not about how much you do, but instead about what you choose to do.

Check out this free video workshop created by one of the smartest (and most successful) women on the internet.

It will help you choose the right things to focus on first, second, and third to make a great income and impact with your online business (whether you’re just getting started or have been at it a while).

You will save tons of time if you take what’s in this video seriously and implement it.

In the first video that’s live right now you’ll learn:

Why you don’t necessarily need to focus on only one thing in order to be successful in business (even though everyone and your mother tells you that you do)

• The six critical aspects to building a business online that actually makes you money

Why caring, open-hearted souls like us are hard-wired for success in online business

Why waiting to get your business online (or start your business in the first place) is a terrible idea

How you can prepare yourself for the changes coming up in the next 5-10 years by upping your online game now (and how to do that)

What you need to understand and the sequence you have to follow if you want to make money and change the world using the internet

The video comes with a free, downloadable road map to follow that will guide you to put all of the pieces together.

Get access to this straightforward, fun, action-packed workshop now.



P.S. Want help implementing what you learn from this workshop in your specific business plus behind the scenes insights from me and my husband/business partner, Mike? We’re hosting a conversation to give you extra support, additional practical guidance, and help making progress for the month of February. Join our online business study group now.

P.P.S. Our new podcast episode, Running in the Dark: Akshay Nanavanti on Finding the Gifts in the Struggle is up! Listen in here.


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