The 5 Biggest Mistakes Digital Course Creators Make (And What To Do About Them)

The 5 Biggest Mistakes Digital Course Creators Make (And What To Do About Them)

I got started in the digital course game by accident and had zero clue what I was doing.

I wasn’t tech-savvy. I didn’t have any kind of professional equipment and I didn’t have a huge list or following.

But what I did have is a desire to help the people who were asking for my help.

I’d travelled all over the United States for 10 months teaching workshops called Women and Wealth, but now I was cozied up practicing cohabitation with Mike and didn’t want to be on the road anymore, nor did I want to take on 1:1 clients.

A digital course seemed like the best way to impact a lot of people without travelling thousands of miles (or really even leaving my house).

We launched The Money Love Course in 2013 and to date have had over 5,000 students of the program.

Since that time we’ve mentored hundreds of digital course creators, and we’ve noticed that there are 5 common mistakes we’ve seen them making over and over that slow their progress and prevent them from making as much money as they could.

(We’re familiar with these mistakes because we made a lot of them ourselves!)

If you want to leverage your time so that you don’t have to trade hours for dollars anymore, a digital course is an excellent idea.

However, firing up your laptop and recording your voiceover slides or shooting some videos and then getting them up on a password-protected site by no means guarantees you’re going to have a successful digital course that reaches the people who need it and gives you the income you deserve.

I want you to have wild success with your digital course (or maybe even courses), but I don’t want you to slow yourself down unnecessarily by making the mistakes we see over and over again.

So, Mike and I recorded a brand-new episode of The Kate & Mike Show to give you a few ounces of prevention.

Click here to listen to the 5 Biggest Mistakes Digital Course Creators Make.

Whether the idea of creating a digital course is new to you or you’ve already created and launched one, this episode is for you.

If I’d had this information 6 years ago when we first launched The Money Love Course, or even 2 years ago, I would have saved our company so much time and we would have helped more people (plus had more profits).

Don’t head out on your digital course creation journey without a map. This is one area where winging it will cost you a lot of time and money unnecessarily.

Listen to the episode because it will get you started on the right path.

Once you’ve listened, we’d love to hear from you: What did you learn and how can you apply it to your business? What’s the topic of the digital course you want to create? Not sure? Leave a comment anyway and I can help!

Happy digital course creating!


P.S. Imagine how it will feel when you create a profitable digital course in your business. One that you can promote over and over again this year and beyond. You can have that. You deserve it. You’re smart enough and have enough value to offer. All you need is a roadmap and luckily you can click here to get it.


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