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Something I’ve been struggling with lately

Ever feel like you’re having a bit of an identity crisis? Entrepreneurs are encouraged to create a 30-second elevator pitch. We’re challenged to minutely identify exactly what we do and exactly who we do it for.

This is something I’ve been having a lot of trouble with lately. Has boiling who you are into a few words or a catch phrase every seemed daunting or completely inorganic to you like it does to me?

Recently I’ve felt torn. I’ve got this book coming out with Hay House in September called Money: A Love Story. I love teaching women about creating financial freedom. I love inspiring everyone to embrace their value so they can earn more and be of higher service in the world.

Yet I’ve co-created a team of over 3,000 wellness entrepreneurs called Team Northrup and our primary focus has been on health. I’ve taken every certification for teaching fitness under the sun (step aerobics, Nia, IntenSati, yoga, you name it.) I was raised by two physicians in a vegan macrobiotic household. I’ve read hundreds of nutrition books and tried bazillions of nutrition and fitness programs.

The innate wisdom of my body has always been my guiding compass. And taking optimal care of her has always been a top priority.

I’ve been asked to speak on health topics a lot lately. As I teach low-glycemic eating, why we need to supplement, and how to live an anti-inflammatory lifestyle, I feel lit up. I feel energized. I get freaking excited.

I’ve been asking myself how to best channel this passion in a bigger way than small local workshops or one on one consultations (which I still adore and will continue to do). I want to be of service on a wider scale. I want to help people feel damn good in their skin. I want to inspire women to live fully in the physical vessels they were given.

Teaching and practicing health, self care, and body love has been a huge part of my business life behind the scenes for the past twelve years. But I’ve been struggling with how to incorporate it in my online life in a way that makes sense.

A few weeks ago a solution emerged:

This new project is about the intersection between self love and healthy choices. It’s also about learning to listen to and respect our innate body wisdom.

I don’t like the fact that our culture puts so much emphasis on weight loss and how we look anymore than you do. I’ve found that when we focus on feeling good instead, everything shifts.

I’ve been craving a place where change is inspired through love for our bodies and ourselves instead of from a place of hating how we look. I’ve been craving a place to share what I’ve learned on my own body love journey (which is very much ongoing.) I’ve been craving a place to teach women how to tap into the wisdom of their bodies.

So I decided to create this place.

TheFoxyBod.com is where you’ll be able to access health and self love advice that works. I promise to only share what’s worked for me and I promise to keep the focus on feeling good. (And the great thing about feeling good is that it causes a happy side effect of looking good too!)

In January I’ll be launching a self love and health program to teach the best advice and products I’ve found to feel really good in your body. You’ll want to hop on the list at TheFoxyBod.com to be one of the first to hear about it. I’ve been marinating this one for months and it’s going to be super juicy and flavorful!

Throughout 2013 I’ll also be sharing:

  • health and body love tips
  • interviews with experts I love
  • books that have made a difference for me and the women I work with
  • lots of goodies to inspire you to feel amazing in your body

I want you to feel sexy in your body. I want you to love her and all that she does for you. I want for you to care for her and protect her ruthlessly. I want you to trust and listen to her.

If you want that too, join me at TheFoxyBod.com and get ready to fall more deeply in love with yourself and that precious body of yours.






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