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How to go from having enough to having more than enough: Glimpse TV with Barbara Stanny

Barbara Stanny is the world’s leading expert on women and wealth. And I’m profoundly grateful to call her a friend and mentor.

Reading her book Overcoming Underearning and taking her workshop by the same name (three times!) were among the greatest influences on my journey to becoming debt-free.

There are three stages of wealth, Barbara says:

Instability: Not having enough.

Stability: Having enough.

Affluence: Having more than enough.

What’s really interesting is that for women, she says, once they’ve reached financial stability, they’re rarely motivated to make more money. Moving from stability to affluence requires feeling drawn by something bigger and the opportunity to be of service. Barbara calls this “the call to greatness.”

In her new book, Sacred Success: A Course in Financial Miracles, Barbara outlines the four stages of Sacred Success and how to navigate the journey from stability to affluence.

I got a chance to read an early copy of the book back in May, and I gobbled it up practically in one sitting.

Here’s something Barbara shares that made me raise my eyebrows:

twitter_standingWomen’s problems with money have far less to do with money than they do with their ambivalence about power. (Tweet It!)

Whoa Nelly! How true that has been in my own life, and I’ve heard the same from thousands of women who I’ve talked to about their financial lives.

I have wanted to host Barbara on Glimpse TV since the show was born. And apparently now is the perfect time because I feel like she wrote Sacred Success for me (and of course for all the other women out there who want to know how to heed the call to greatness, whatever that means to them).

In this episode Barbara shares:

  • The most common drug of choice for women and how to break our insidious addiction.
  • Our two power sources and how to determine which one to plug into.
  • The most important thing we need to do to hear the voice of our soul.
  • Why she’s finally coming out of the spiritual closet and why it’s so terrifying.
  • What fear and money have to do with each other.
  • A revolutionary approach to money that almost no one is talking about.

Click the image below to watch this very special episode of Glimpse TV:

Please share this episode with all of the women in your life within whom you see the spark of greatness.

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Click HERE to read my post from last week about how to clear up the discrepancy between what you say you want and what you’re actually getting, which was inspired by my work with Stanny.

Over to you:

What’s one way that you can create more stillness in your life so that you can hear the voice of your soul more clearly? I’m asking because this is what I’m focusing on, and I’d love to hear your ideas! Please leave a comment below.



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