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Your spending is a prayer.

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Every time you swipe your card, every time you lay down the bills, every time your coins clink in the machine or you click Checkout, you are making a statement.

We earn money based on the value we’ve provided in the world.

When we’re operating in our highest, the value we provide in the world is a reflection of the truth of who we are.

When we unequivocally know how worthy we are, the value we provide in the world is profound.

And we get paid for it.

The money you have in the bank, in your wallet, or in your pocket is a reflection of the value you’ve offered in the past.

(Note: Do not confuse your net worth with your self worth. They are not the same. You are inherently worthy because you are. That’s it, period.)

Money is a stand-in for what we value. It’s a made-up system for humans to trade value for value.

Every time you spend money you’re voting. (Tweet it!)

You’re saying, “This thing I’m buying is of value. It’s important to me. It matters.”

Let this be a conscious choice.

Let the way you spread your cash, coin, moola, Benjamins, dinero . . . money be a statement.

Our allocation of funds creates change in our lives and in our world.

Let your spending be a prayer for what you love and for what you desire—for yourself, for your family, and for the planet.

Pay attention to where you are wielding the power of the purse.

It matters. You matter.

Pray for what matters to you with your money.


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