The Top 3 Things You’re Doing That Are Keeping You Financially Stuck

Do you want to know something kind of freaky?

The vast majority of the things we do all day every day are habits. That means they’re unconscious. And that means we’re not really thinking about almost everything we do every day.

Crazy pants.

But guess what else that means? If we consciously choose and create habits that will lead to the kind of life we want, we’re golden!

This principle applies to our financial lives just as much as to our lives in general. We do things unconsciously day in and day out that are either making us wealthy or keeping us broke.

If you want to create an abundant life, financially and otherwise, you’ve got to do things every day that will result in abundance.

But what if you aren’t aware of the financial habits you already have that are keeping you stuck?

Luckily, I’ve identified the top 3 habits that might be keeping you in debt, with no savings, in financial avoidance, or [insert alternative kind of financial stuckness here].

And since it’s Financial Freedom Friday I’m going to reveal what these 3 habits are in today’s video. Plus, I’m going to give you habits to replace your bad habits with so that you can get on the road to financial peace and well-being . . . stat.

Watch the video below to get unstuck and learn how to break your habits.

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Over to you:

What financial habits do you have that you’d like to replace? What new habits will you replace them with?


  • I loved this Kate… Even though I’ve looked deeply into this and tried to approach from so many angles…you’re right. It’s simply changing our habits….over and over….hmmm. Perfect timing for me! Thank you x

  • JennyK

    I always feel lighter and better after watching your videos. Thank you deeply for sharing your passion with us.

  • So funny – years ago, my best friend’s mom once made another friend of ours clean out her purse and get all of her money unfolded/unwadded and neatly placed in her wallet (I think they were either at a restaurant or a play, but they were definitely in the middle of doing something in public!). She told her “You need to respect your money”. So great to hear you say the same thing! I love your videos and advice, and have steered my own community in your direction more than once. Thank you!!!

  • Kate, this video is great. Such important tips. While I don’t have money problems per se, #2 definitely resonated with me. My husband and I have five kids and even though he makes a lovely income, I have always felt the “lack” you speak of. Even though I remind myself that everything always get paid for, I find myself saying “we can’t afford that” often. I love that now I can choose not to buy things and the empowerment that will come with that shift. So simple and yet so profound. Thank you!

  • Tania Maria

    Good tips Kate.

    My question is how you reconcile avoidance with saying you can’t afford something. I’ve gotten myself in some sticky water by not being realistic about my financial situation and actually gotten into the habit of avoiding saying I can’t afford something, which in-fact has been dis-empowering and not financially freeing at all. The pretence. So isn’t it better to face up to your financial situation, to not be afraid of saying you can’t afford it. To take control. That feels alot more empowering. Because the reality is, recognizing and thinking you can’t afford something, is just the same as saying it. Ie thinking/acknowledging the motivation behind not having/doing something it, doesn’t mean that the thought – goes, even if your don’t say the words. Do you get what I mean? So how do you get more empowered about your financial situation thats what I want to know? While at the same time facing up to you current finanial situation – i think it’s recognizing and realizing that your financial situation isn’t permanent, it’s an illusion, and we have the power to transform. Nothings permanent. This situation is not permanent’I am financially free.’ I think I answered my own question, get the impression that the last part came from the wisdom of my higher self. Happy financial freedom Friday – whoop whoop – financial freedom is within each of our reach. And thanks for letting me talk it out. Just had a great epithany to help me get out of stuck mode. Feel great – With Love Tania xx

  • Michelle R.

    I loved this! I have been so stuck in avoidance for the past few years – I was sort of grudgingly engaged with my financials until my younger son was born at the end of 2008. I recently started sorting out the MOUNTAINS of paperwork on the floor in our formal dining room… Only to have our cat start peeing on it all after a couple days! Definitely a little message from Life saying, “You know, just rearranging things ain’t quite the same as properly dealing with them, sweetheart!” Hope the tax accountant doesn’t mind photos of pee-stained documents!!

  • I have a habit of not buying something that I want because its “too expensive” but I’d spend the same amount or more on a bunch of little things that I don’t really need or love. I hate when I do that :(

  • Thank you! This was great! I would agree that I tend to live in La La Land! For obvious reasons, because it is easier. However, my husband and I are really trying make this more of a priority and confront our money worries. Now we need to work on being better about saying no!

  • julie masters

    I’ve enjoyed these videos Kate!

    Just had to share a response to the “put your money in your wallet in order…”, point you make.

    On one of my trips to Japan, I was at a restaurant with my daughter-in-law, and my son had handed his wallet to her, so that she could take care of the check while he went outside. As we were waiting, she pulled all the bills out, and put them back in his wallet facing down, and explained to me that the reason was that it made it harder for the money to “escape”! My son promptly put the money right side up when he got his wallet back, saying that his money didn’t like to be upside down! LOL
    Their loving and respectful awareness keep it flowing though, regardless of which direction the bills face! :)

    Julie Masters

  • Love this. Wow, this afternoon I was in a shop and said about shoes ‘I can’t afford them.’ The reframe would have made walking out of that shop much nicer. Thanks! I’m off to organise my purse now….

    So looking forward to your book.

  • Rachel Northrup

    Kate this is great !
    Any pointers when someone you love has some habits that r not creating wealth? I can send this video and…

  • Loved this episode! I think one of the habits I have taken on is financial avoidance. I will avoid paying a bill, opening financial documents, etc. out of fear of spending money, using money, or what news a document might have and so on.

    Hearing this habit articulated, it reminded me of all the times when I just address the bill or document immediately, and how empowering and satisfying it felt to take care of it right away rather than avoid it. I actually feel more abundant and wealthy when I just settle it up right away, like it’s no sweat off my back.

    I feel super excited to address some of my financial habits that could use a little reworking now!

    Thanks for this Kate, I’m really loving your new financial freedom friday series!


  • Ah I discovered you recently via Marie Forleo and I love your energy with money Kate! The tip here about taking loving care of money is something I’d not thought of before. I remember scrunching up a note as you describe JUST yesterday! Replacing that with a new habit now…thank you!

  • Barbara Wayman

    Loved it, Kate! Great tips, well articulated and so do-able for everybody. Thanks for the clear, positive, helpful $$$ content.

  • Lou Trevena

    Hi yesterday I picked up an item that I had bought online and after paying the $100 I folded the other two fifty dollar notes and I thought I put them back in the phone holder I have been using instead of a purse for about a year now. Well this morning they were no where to be found I searched the pockets of the uniform I was wearing I searched the car and the ground near where I too k the item out of the car, nothing, so I resigned myself to the fact that I had lost $100.
    Then I watched your video and I’m your typical avoider but my first thought was its time to start to resect my money so I got out my beautiful purse I bought a few years ago that had lain idle for more than a year and I headed to the supermarket and as I undid my seatbelt and opened the car door there was my $100 it must have been stuck between the seat and the seatbelt. But knowing that now I was going to respect it it came back to me . Thank you
    I will work on my avoidance now

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