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Wanna go on tour with us? Glimpse TV with Gabrielle Bernstein

One freezing day late in December I got together with my friend Gabby Bernstein to chat about all the big things coming up for both of us in 2011. I’m heading out on The Freedom Tour in February and Gabby is coming out with her second book, Spirit Junkie, in September. The Freedom Tour and the Spirit Junkie tour will be coming together for some serious, knock your socks off, shine your mind/body/spirit and soul action. Stay tuned for tour dates and locations at and Tune in to find out why we think right now is such an important time for women seekers, how you can feel more connected to kindred spirits right from your own living room, and how to choose collaboration over competition. Enjoy!

Wanna go on tour with us? Glimpse TV with Gabrielle Bernstein from Kate Moller on Vimeo.

Also, come to Gabby’s upcoming lecture, Miracle Magnet, with me next Wednesday, January 19th!


Lecture with Gabrielle Bernstein

Turn your deepest desires into reality and become a magnet for miracles. Join Gabrielle Bernstein January 19, 2011 for her MIRACLE MAGNET lecture. Gabrielle will guide you through her trusted process of activating your internal attracting power.

Date: 1/19/11

Time: 7 to 9 p.m. EST

Location: 208 W. 13th st. (Between 7th and Greenwich), 3rd floor

Order tickets and more details:

What do you have cooking this year that you’re excited about? Leave a comment below and tell us about it!


  • Thank you for this. I can’t wait for you to come to Portland, Oregon. I especially dig what you are saying about collaboration vs competition. And stepping into our own power, can not only help us but the world. AWESOME

  • Clea

    Wow ladies! This was great! :-) So powerful inspiring and touching. Gave me chills and brought tears to my eyes! Thank you for sharing. xoxxo

  • Kate so excited about your freedom tour and Gabby can’t wait for your book. In 2011 I’m looking to spread the word far and wide about Financially Smitten! :) I have big plans to rock women’s money life with a bunch of new services and products. Love all the female empowerment unfolding! xo

    • Kate

      @Lora Sasiela, Yay Lora! I’m so excited about what you’re up to with Financially Smitten. It’s soooo in alignment with everything I believe in and creating freedom on all possible levels…starting with your bank account. So looking forward to continuing to support each other in 2011 and beyond! xoxo

  • Hey Kate!
    The world knows of your Freedom Tour from our episode of OutdoorFit TV! You and Gabby are so amazing and inspiring. I am stepping into my power at the age of 56! Thanks so much to you and the support of Team Northrup. We are going to ROCK 2011!

  • Lovvvvve the energy here!!! I am so beyond grateful to know and work with you gabby and Kate–you are freaking adorable! I love when you were like, “well it’s mostly in my head…” hilarious! Made me laugh this morning. You gotta bring the freedom tour to cape may or Philly. And we can take a picture with our white priuses. I will help promote. And we can “tweet the heck out of it.”

    2011 is amazing.

  • Kathie

    Such a super great thing that you ladies are supporting the idea of collaboration among women. As an older bird (59) I have experienced the schoolgirl thing and always upheld the idea of everyone benefiting. I am the author of Inspiration in Action: A Woman’s Guide to Happiness, currently being polished…by me and will be printed….by me. I am excited to let the cat out of the bag in my hometown in Spring 2011 and after having led a few groups over the going on four years that this program has been alive, I have been inspired by the shift I see in sme of the women in the groups. Like you women, I am grateful to know that my purpose is to spark light in myself and others and I am completely stoked about sharing the message of Inspiration in Action! I am so happy for all of us to share this time!!!!!!

  • How inspiring!
    I recently had to go back and read your post about deleting everything from your computer, because yesterday, I realized I’d done the same with a book I’ve been writing!

    Though I wasn’t nearly as far into it as I’d hoped to be by now, that was work I loved and felt proud of. I’m not sure when I’ll scream…purrhaps I’m just waiting to see if it turns up somewhere, but at any rate, I’m grateful that it happened because I get to reframe it and start over!

    So, big stuff for this year: Grow my business, Have Your Health, LLC; Start a New Band; Write That Book and finally Step into The Power that is Rightfully Mine!

    I cannot wait to see you here in So Cal! Your journey will be one for all of us who seek clarity, pleasure and freedom.

    Thanks for being amazing!

  • Love love love this!!! So bummed I missed out on the TN Advance weekend- heard great things! We’d love to collaborate when you are in MD on your tour!! Best of luck & I’m looking forward to more of your fabulous inspiration!

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