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Strike a love match: A special fire starter program event.

A year ago almost to the day I met Danielle LaPorte at her New York City Fire Starter Session. My entrepreneurial and creative fires were most definitely lit and I can track most of the amazing unfoldings in my life (like starting AuthentiKate and Glimpse TV) over the past year somehow back to the ignition from Danielle. Read my interview with Danielle: I am more brilliant when my feet are warm.

Today Danielle announced a special week-long event for her beloved e-book: The Fire Starter Sessions. It’s Love Match Week! You buy one for you. She gives one away to someone else. It’s genius! I’m so vibing with the pay-it-forward-esque nature of this event.

Read below for what Danielle posted about the event today and if you’re desiring to get your own entrepreneurial fire lit while also lighting some other blessed soul’s, this is your week!

It just takes one person to start a movement. Kinda like Toms Shoes. You buy a pair, he gives a pair. Or Shauna M., a White Hot reader who emailed me to say:

“Dear Danielle…Here’s a question for you: I would love to donate a Fire Starter e-book to someone who would really love it/want it but can’t afford to pay. I am not starting any business myself, but I would love to give it as a gift to someone. Is there someone from your birthday give-away that you know who would do a happy dance to receive the book? Let me know!”

Wow. Just giving. To give. And I thought, There’s a party in here somewhere. So let’s get it started. Fellow seekers and achievers, I’m thrilled to announce:

From Monday, September 27 to Friday, October 1, 2010 — just this week, for every Fire Starter Sessions program purchased, we’ll give one copy away: either to a friend of yours (you tell me who), or one to a happy stranger (we’ll pick ’em together). Yep — you buy one for yourself. And together, we give one away — to an appreciative someone who will put the program to use.

There are two ways to give: you can gift the program to someone you already know; or to an aspiring entrepreneur you haven’t met yet, who will be selected through a public voting process.

There is one way to receive: by applying.

I have no idea how this is going to go down — could fizzle, could blaze. Let’s try it.

Here’s how it works:

buyers. givers. philanthropists:

GIVING OPTION A: Pick a comrade who needs some fire.

STEP 1. Purchase a copy of The Fire Starter Sessions.

STEP 2. You can gift the program to someone you know. In the comments box below, let us know who you would like to have the gift copy donated to — just mention their name, and maybe why they’re wonderful (but don’t leave their actual email address in the comments box, or the spambots might find ’em).

STEP 3: Email my lovely Communications Manager, with the name + email address of your giftee. (I’m asking you to leave comments so we can publicly track how this is rolling out.) She’ll send them a gift copy. And they’ll love you forever.

GIVING OPTION B: Don’t have a friend in mind? Or simply can’t choose? Put your gift copy into the Love Match Mix. And let the world vote on the lucky winners.

STEP 1. Purchase a copy of The Fire Starter Sessions.

STEP 2: Choose to add your gift copy to the Love Match Mix. Our gifted copies will be awarded to winning applicants, who will have to apply, and then be selected by public voters. If you’re adding to the Mix, please leave a comment in the comments box below to say that you’re adding to the “Love Match Mix, please!” (I’m asking you to leave comments so we can publicly track how this is rolling out.)

STEP 3: And THEN email my lovely Communications Manager, to say “Put my copy into the Love Match Mix”


On Tuesday October 5 we’ll tally up the number of copies we have to give away, and we’ll open up the application process for people to win-earn the program. Applicants will be given the guidelines for throwing their hat into the ring to be gifted the program. The deadline will be tight. I’ll then narrow down that list, and post the group of finalists on the site. Then! the public will vote to select the fabulous winners!

potential winners, entrants, those who want to be on the receiving end:

Been hankering for a copy of The Fire Starter Sessions but it hasn’t been in the budget? Want to spark your dream, and throw some light on a strategy to make it happen? Okay! We’d love to help. Keep your eye on the prize. Subscribe to if you haven’t already, or check back in obsessively for breaking news.

As mentioned above, on October 5, we’ll post sassy guidelines and virtual hoops to jump through in order to get into the Love Match Mix of potential winners. Soon after, finalists will be voted on by the free world to choose the actual winners! Please hold tight for instructions. If you email me this week to ask what the guidelines are, I’m just going to laugh wickedly, muhahaha! You have to wait till the 5th to apply.

Let the wild rumpus start!


$150 for the full-tilt love. And! $5 from every purchased copy goes to the charity you choose: The Acumen Fund or Women for Women International


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