Smash the Patriarchy With Your Business: 4 Myths to Stop Perpetuating Now

Smash the Patriarchy With Your Business: 4 Myths to Stop Perpetuating Now

“Can you please write those out and share them with us? They were so powerful and I want to be able to re-read them.”

I got so many comments like this that I knew I’d struck a chord.

We recently gave our membership about growing your business with less stress, Origin®, a major upgrade.

During the first of my new monthly live sessions, the Do Less Downloads, I shared 4 patriarchal myths that we perpetuate within our businesses and some questions that I’ve been pondering that are helping me stop. (This is very much a work in progress.)

The comments on the session were flooded with folks asking for the myths and questions written out, which, of course, we provided within the membership.

And, since we’re opening the doors to the membership next week, I thought I’d give you a sneak peek, too.

I’ve written about how the patriarchy isn’t a few old white guys “doing it” to the rest of us.

It’s a system that we all perpetuate to one degree or another, and dismantling it so we can all experience liberation is therefore all of our responsibility.

I’m here to do my part to smash the patriarchy with my business while hopefully inspiring you to do the same.

In order to help us do so, here are the 4 patriarchal myths we (often unknowingly) perpetuate in our businesses and some questions to cut that sh*t out:

  • Myth 1: There’s not enough to go around.
    • How do you and/or your business perpetuate the idea that there’s not enough for everyone? The patriarchy says there’s a limited amount so you have to fight other people to get yours. What if we let go of that idea? How could that reverberate through all the layers of the way you think, the way you operate, and the way you offer things?
  • Myth 2: You have to have it all together (aka be perfect) to put yourself out there. 
    • What am I waiting for in order to get going with the work that’s in my heart and soul? Is it a credential? A stamp of approval? Permission? What do I feel like I have to be more of (or less of) in order to be “ready”? What if I gave myself permission to be ready now? How could I do the work I want to do right now, albeit imperfectly? Showing up – not lazily, not sloppily, not irresponsibly, but imperfectly – is one of the ways that we can let go and release the patriarchy in business.
  • Myth 3: Bigger is better. 
    • Why does it matter if you build the tallest skyscraper? We just have this idea that having the biggest business is better. Why? What does that get us? How could I release the focus on growth for growth’s sake and use other measures of success like alignment with purpose or feelings of joy?
  • Myth 4: Your body is an impediment to your success.
    • How can I work with my body, instead of against it, to do my best work in the world? Could I let go of feeling guilty for rest? Could I let go of the idea that my self-worth is largely based on doing well in my career? Could I let go of placing productivity before my health? Could I let go of the belief that hard work (and some level of suffering) equals happiness and success? How can I do my most meaningful work while living inside the body that I have, just as it is right now?

Pull out a journal and use as many of these questions as you want to go deeper.

I’m so excited to hear about the insights and innovations for new paradigm ways of doing business that come from asking yourself (and maybe even your team) these questions.

Leave a comment and let me know which myth or question landed with you the most and what it brought up for you. (Extra points if you get specific about changes you’re going to make in the way you run your business!)

P.S. If you want to be part of a global community living into these questions so we can not only make great money but also let the way we do business be part of our healing work in the world, Origin is the place for you.

I’m doing 2 info sessions next week on Reimagining Business with Origin, and you can reserve your spot here.


  • oh wow thank you! I thought I had done a lot of work with your work and patriarchy yet myth #3 had snuck in to my inner thoughts. Thanks for the awareness

    • Kate Northrup

      I’m so glad this resonated with you. It’s so true – we can work on this and then there’s always more to uncover. That’s why being process oriented instead of product oriented is so helpful!

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