Sleep as a Spiritual Practice

Sleep as a Spiritual Practice

Have you ever spoken about how little sleep you’ve gotten and how you’re managing to push through the exhaustion with pride, as though lack of sleep is a badge of honor?

While we’ve been programmed to believe that the less we sleep, the more we’ll get done because we’ll be awake more hours, the opposite is actually true.

The more we sleep, the more we get done.

Why? Because your body does miraculous things while you’re sleeping that make you an information-retaining, memory-organizing, hormone-synthesizing, stress hormone-releasing machine.

If you’re regularly sacrificing your sleep so you can log more hours at your computer, get exercise, binge-watch a show, or for any other reason that’s within your control (unlike waking up with small children or someone who’s sick is), then you need to listen up.

Our culture’s tendency to celebrate lack of sleep is incredibly problematic.

It’s problematic for your health, your relationships, and your productivity.

If you want to feel happier, feel more connected (to others, to yourself, and to the Divine), to be healthier, and get more done in less time, watch the video below to learn just how dangerous not sleeping is, and what you can do about it…plus the amazing benefits you’ll get from making it a priority!

Click below to watch the video.

“Your life will be better if you’re well rested; everything will be better if you’re well rested.” – Kate Northrup

Sleep as a Spiritual Practice

Everything will be better if you’re well rested.

Now I’d love to hear from you:

What’s your relationship with sleep like? Do you sleep a little or a lot? What’s one thing you learned from the video that you can take action on to prioritize sleep immediately?

Leave a comment and tell me all about it!


  • Thank you so much kate I love you, thank you so much for this sharing, I have just joined the 5 am club and It’s not easy for me to go to bed recently around 9 I don’t know why but it’s a challenge so I reduce my hours of sleep. your message is so nice so sweet and so helpful !! knowing that you go to bed at 9 is helpful I feel less like a chicken :-) and less lonely !! I will come and sleep with you ;-) yeahhhh ! Love to you and your beloved .

  • Kim

    Thank you for this -I often stay up late getting things done (grading papers, doing laundry, cleaning…) I feel that you have given me permission to sleep and not have to be Wonder Woman.

  • Denise

    I work in morning media, and am up at 3am. This is a constant, real struggle for me. I often feel like I am sleep-walking through my life, often exhausted and not present. I certainly don’t feel much joy on days when I am sleep deprived. Having young children is one reason someone may lack sleep…but I am at mid-life, which gets little attention in the media. I have an aging parent living with me, a young adult daughter who has a very different schedule from mine, a husband who works an opposite schedule, and am dealing with hormonal changes to boot. A recipe for a sleep-deprived woman.

  • A lightbulb totally went off for me when you explained how and why sleep is a spiritual practice. I love this idea and cannot wait to approach my own sleep with this perspective. Sleep is sacred!

  • Kasmira

    I have narcolepsy and have only been able to sleep for about 2, hours at a time for years. I also work graveyard shifts 5 nights a week and raise children during the day. During the holidays I pushed myself too hard and caused enough chaos in my family to almost break it up. We’re having to see a counselor-all of us- because my sleep deprivation caused anger issues and anxiety in my kids. Sleep deprivation is a real thing!
    I’m learning how to listen to my body again and put sleeping first on my list.
    Thanks for sharing! Nice to see that I’m not alone in my struggle to find balance! 💗😊

  • Irina

    I just love you! 💕

  • Laura

    I TOTALLY AGREE WITH THIS KATE. When I changed the way I looked at sleep my life changed. Instead of something I had to do as an obligation I placed sleep in the category of things that need to do in order to be happy. Exactly as you said: Sleep as a spiritual practice. I feel better when I sleep, I’m more present, more focused, more productive, why not? MORE HAPPY. Thank you for sharing… P.S.: Started your book and so far I LOVE IT!

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