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Setting women and girls free.

I received a beautiful email in January from a woman named Erin Giles on a mission. She asked me to write an essay on freedom to contribute to a book she’s putting together to free women and girls. The book was inspired by a film called Nefarious: Merchant of Souls about the human sex trafficking industry. When Erin saw the film her heart broke open and she knew she had to do something to end this inhumanity.

I was moved by her passion and my own desire to help. I’m one of 60 contributors who wrote about love, knowledge, & freedom. (Guess which one I wrote about?)

Erin is spearheading a campaign to raise enough money to print, bind, and ship the books to prepare for End Sex Trafficking Day on September 26th, 2012 when the book launches. There are 15 more days in her campaign.

Donate $25 for love. Donate $25 for knowledge. Donate $25 for freedom.

Watch the video below for a 2.5 minute video on how this book will free women:

Here’s a little taste of my essay to whet your appetite:

Tell the truth. Say it with love. Say it even if you’re scared. Say it because you’re
scared. And then prepare yourself for true freedom.

Help Erin, the other contributors, and me remind the world that women are not for sale.

Click here to donate now.

If this is a cause that speaks to your heart, share this post on Twitter and Facebook, share the video about it, and please vote with your dollars.

YouTube Video:

Link to donate:


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