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Quarterlife crisis? What? Glimpse TV with Molly Mahar of Stratejoy

As I was planning The Freedom Tour my friend Kim introduced me to Molly Mahar and her Stratejoy road trip.

Here was another smart, young woman who had packed up everything and was living out of her car traveling the country. Awesome!

I emailed her “Contact Us” form immediately not expecting a response (find out why in our episode below.) Much to my surprise, Molly called me immediately and…

…within 24 hours we were laying in the grass in Central Park musing on life, love, and what it means to be a young women with a world of possibilities in your late twenties.

I caught up with Molly this past June (yes, this is a semi-vintage Glimpse TV – note the long hair) at the World Domination Summit in Portland, OR. Molly told me all about the ups and downs of her road trip (which it turns out was her honeymoon!) and she filled me in on her very intriguing new product, Joy Juice.

Joy Juice is made up of 120 journal writing prompts to tune into yourself, get unstuck, and boost your confidence.

Sounds good to me! It will take you through an entire year of getting to know yourself better. Divine!

Tune in to find out how Molly went from wearing a suit and heals selling mini Cokes for $4.50 to business men to sleeping ON TOP of her car, among other inspirational vignettes and giggles.


More Molly:



Twitter: Get your hands on Joy Juice!

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  • Kate – Loved this video with you and Molly! I just found you through #RHHLive tweets and when I hopped over to your blog I saw Molly, who was my coach. Good stuff :)

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