Productivity Is Not The Holy Grail Of Worthiness

Productivity Is Not The Holy Grail Of Worthiness

My girlfriend texted to ask me if I wanted to go for a walk first thing in the morning on a day I had childcare and lots to do.

“I don’t have time,” was the first thought that popped into my head.

But then I remembered that I wrote a book about doing less, and even though I and everyone else in our culture have been programmed to believe that the way to get more done is to pack as much work time into our days as possible, the evidence-based truth is the opposite.

So I went for the walk, even though I was tempted to cancel because my little gremlin mind told me walking with a girlfriend would mean I wouldn’t get the things done I needed to do.

You know what?

I came home feeling refreshed and energized. The fresh air, combined with my friend’s whip-smart insights on life, set me up beautifully for a focused, engaged day.

I sat down at my desk feeling vibrant and I got what I needed to do done with zero issues, feeling grateful I’d taken the time to connect with someone and move my body.

Here’s the thing:

Packing as much as we can into our days is not the way to get more done.

Taking strategic, well-timed breaks is.

If you’re looking to increase your productivity (and also to unhook yourself from the cycle of thinking that how much you do equates to how much you’re worth) then you’re going to love today’s video.

In it you’ll learn:

– How to access a readily available blueprint that will tell you precisely when to take a break
– How to make your rest optimally restorative so that you get more bang for your “rest buck”
– How to ensure your working hours are as productive as possible and minimize spaced-out and unfocused time

Click below to take a look.

“When you rest strategically, you actually get a deeper renewal in a quicker amount of time, and you get more productive.” – Kate Northrup

Productivity Is Not The Holy Grail Of Worthiness

Now I want to hear from you: How do you schedule breaks throughout your day, week, month, and year? What resonated the most from this video and how will you put it into action? Leave a comment and let me know!

P.S. Have you gotten your copy of Do Less yet? The positive reviews have been rolling in and every day we’re seeing post after post of happy readers whose minds are being blown and whose days are being transformed. You can still get your copy along with 4 incredible bonuses, including a workshop on How to Set Boundaries and the Art of Saying No by clicking here.


  • Liz

    I have always found your insights valuable and thought provoking. I am 65 yrs old, I do not have menstrual periods. How would I use your strategic plan in my retirement? I share your thoughts with my adult “kids”. Thanks.

    • Kate Northrup

      Hi Liz – thanks for being a loyal community member! Even in retirement I have no doubt you have creative projects and things you’re working on. I would get a copy of my book, Do Less, and follow along with the Upward cycle of Success that I cover in the Your Worth, Your Cycles, and Momentum chapter and track your energetic ebbs and flows according to the moon. Let me know how it goes!

  • Tara

    Whoa … I just googled my birthday and it turns out I was born on a full moon. This makes so many things make sense, I’ve been noticing for a few years that I definitely have regularly occurring up and down times in my moods and energy levels, but I’ve had such a difficult time tracking and anticipating them because I had a hysterectomy a few years back and don’t get periods anymore! I’m going to start tracking them along with the moon phases and see if I can prepare for them better, instead of being smack in the middle before I realize what’s happening. Thanks for the great video Kate!

    • Kate Northrup

      I’m so glad this was helpful, Tara! I hope the moon proves to be a guide you can lean into and trust to create some structure and predictability for you!

  • Yvonne

    I am busy but I am not a Mom! Would this book still be of any benefit to me? If I I buy it it would be on Amazon canada. would I still get the bonus?

    • Kate Northrup

      It absolutely is relevant for everyone, not just moms. You will benefit for sure! And yes – if you buy it in Canada you still absolutely qualify for the bonuses!

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