Our Brand Promise, How I Discovered It, and How You Can Find Yours

Our Brand Promise, How I Discovered It, and How You Can Find Yours

Your Brand Has an Archetype and an Aspirational Brand Promise. Here’s a story of how I used my feminine intuition to find mine and how you can too.

Sometimes we don’t know why we made a particular decision until years later.

This is a story about one of those decisions.

A few years back I was recording a new video series, and I used the phrase “Energy Empress” for someone who’s become a master at managing her energy instead of her time. 

From that moment on we started referring to the members of Origin Collective as Empresses.

When I would explain why, I said, “Because we’re all running empires of one size or another.”

But, what I didn’t realize until just a few weeks ago is that there was a much deeper reason the moniker stuck. A more cosmic, Divine reason, if you will.

I was browsing the magical candle section of a local metaphysical shop with my tiny towheaded daughters sporting brand-new haircuts, and the Empress candle beckoned me.

I learned to read Tarot when I was pre-pubescent, but for some reason I’d never thought to revisit the Empress card description during the nearly 4 years of being in community with the Empresses of Origin.

The description on the candle sent chills of recognition down my extremities:

The Empress


Abundance, Fertility, Nourishment


You are already abundant. Relish in all the pleasures that exist here on Earth. The time is ripe to birth new creations. Indulge in nurturing yourself and others. Let love embrace you.


Three, Venus

(From The Empress Major Arcana Candle made by the House of Intuition.)

Right around the time I bought myself The Empress candle (how could I not?), I had a reading with Leslie Tagorda, our Resident Astrologer in Origin, about optimizing the brand based on my astrological chart.

I asked her what my chart had to say about my “brand promise” from an aspirational perspective.

Because I have Venus in Taurus, she said my brand promise comes from Taurus and is about:

The cozy physical sensation of feeling abundant, being physically taken care of, having your needs met, and physical pleasure.

Taurus is about luxury, the body, sensuality, and downright lusciousness.

(You can get your free astrological chart online to find out where your Venus placement is to see what your aspirational brand promise is all about. This is the kind of thing we talk about in Origin because when you align your business with the cosmos, everything gets easier and more abundant! Get on the waitlist so you know when we open the doors again in May.)

I researched more (because I can’t help myself) and here’s what I learned about the Empress archetype from the world of Tarot:

From Vicki Noble and Jonathan Tenney’s book, The Motherpeace Tarot Playbook:

The Empress represents the Earth mother, an abundance of the feminine nature of creation and nourishment. When the Empress comes up in a reading, she always indicates sensuality and earthiness, someone who nurtures or creates, whether it be life or art. So when she tilts to the left, that shows you are shy in expressing yourself through your body or your creativity. To the right, you may be actively trying to bring out your sensuality or make body contact. 

In summary:

The Empress has a deep connection to nature (hello, cycles and seasons), is a symbol of fertility, is all about the body and pleasure, and is the embodiment of abundance and creativity.

Here’s what I realized:

We’ve been inviting our members to embody the Empress archetype completely by accident for the last 4 years. And now it’s time to do it on purpose.

Sometimes we know what we’re doing and we do it on purpose.

Sometimes we realize we’ve been doing the thing we were meant to do without even meaning to.

How very Do Less.

The way the Empress archetype chose me and Origin reminds me of the beginning of a beautiful Hafiz poem:

Our Brand Promise, How I Discovered It, and How You Can Find Yours

This place where you are right now,

God circled on a map for you.

Take a moment to think about your aspirational brand promise and the archetype that your brand embodies.

What words come to mind? What feelings do you feel in your body? What direction have you been steering, perhaps without even realizing it?

This is the beginning of your brand promise and it makes so many things in your business easier: messaging, decision making, and so much more!

If you’re already an Origin Empress, I’m so excited to dive deeper into the Empress archetype together in the months to come (and to keep talking about aspirational brand promises in general!)

If you’re not part of the membership but you want to be, get on the waitlist so you’ll be the first to know when we open the doors again in May.

And no matter what, know this:

You are being guided. Trust what resonates. Trust what feels like home. Trust what feels aligned.

You don’t have to know why. Perhaps you never will, but the feeling of recognition in your body is reason enough to trust.


Do you resonate with the Empress archetype? If so, what’s one practical way you could embody it in your business or your life or both? Tell me about it in the comments!


  • Sam Bell

    Love love this Kate. I too have studied the archetypes and divine feminine energy. It is one of the pillars of my work with mothers and daughters and their relationship. The Mother Archetype is central to my work… I discovered this quite by ‘accident’ (inverted commas’ because my belief is nothing is an accident!) despite being a Midwife by trade!!! Now I am just dying to find out where Venus us in my natal chart! Super excited to see the brand reveal and super duper excited to dive deeper with my fellow Empresses! Much love 💕

    • Kate Northrup

      So glad this resonated with you, Sam. And yes – isn’t it wild how the right archetypes actually find us? Thrilled to have you as an Empress, as always!

  • The Empress is my Lifetime Symbol. She represents love with wisdom and that is the tagline of my business. She’s also the most balanced card in the deck, between mind, heart, body and spirit. I just wrote a chapter in an international best seller, Empowered Self-Care. My chapter was all about a model of balance that puts the fulfillment of your own needs first; that way you give to others from your fullness. When you take the time to refill after giving, you never run dry … everyone wins!

  • Kate – I must join Origin the next time you open it. I love archetypes and have studied Jungian psychology. I was certified years back to read archetypes in organizations with Carol Pearson, Jungian analyst. Check out Carol’s archetype books – Hero and the Archetype.

    I love your work. I’ve got my planner! Thank you for all you do!

  • I have both sun and Venus in Taurus. I read this and it was exactly what I needed to hear today. THANK YOU!

  • Christine Myers

    Let’s see: Three is my favorite/lucky number; the Venus De Milo is one of my favorite works of art; and I have a Capricorn candle from the House of Intuition on the altar in my office. Yup, I think re-upping as an Origin Empress a few months ago was the right decision!

  • I also have Venus in Taurus and this is exactly how I want to show up/what I want to promise! I am such a proud and joyful member of Origin and cannot wait for more of this. The Star Powered Branding workshop was SENSATIONAL.
    Much love to you and the whole Origin team!

  • Thanks Kate, this really resonated for me for my business!

  • I also have Venus in Taurus and this is SO perfect for me. I am such a grateful Empress. The Star Powered Branding workshop was SENSATIONAL! All love to you.

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