One Simple Step You Can Take To Feel More Alive Right This Instant: Glimpse TV with Rochelle Schieck

My friend Rochelle Schieck is an adorable, sexy, wise, playful, pixie-person who seems to leave a trail of glitter wherever she goes. She has traveled the world, studied with many of the yoga, consciousness, and personal growth greats, and has most recently created a form of movement she calls Qoya after an ancient Peruvian word meaning, among other things, queen and a female manifestation of higher consciousness. Rochelle recently graduated from Shaman school (how many of us can say that, really?) and I recently had the pleasure of experiencing one of her private healing and movement sessions. It was, in a word, mind-blowing. Rochelle is a channel for the wisdom of the ages and a delightful reminder of the divine in each of us. She invites us to remember who we are as women through embodiment, or being present in our bodies. You can take a Qoya class, which combines yoga, dance, and innate, sensual movement, right here in New York City. Rochelle is also leading a retreat in Costa Rica for women to connect with their most fabulous, feminine selves along with my friends Alisa Vitti of Laughing Sage Wellness and LiYana Silver of Redefining Monogamy. The retreat is December 11 – 18th, 2010. Tune in to this episode of Glimpse TV to learn one simple step you can take right now to feel more alive this instant, how to ritualize exercise, and for the pure lusciousness of Ms. Schieck.

One Simple Step You Can Take To Feel More Alive Right This Instant: Glimpse TV with Rochelle Schieck from Kate Moller on Vimeo.

When you notice you’ve gotten really in your head, how do you practice getting more into your body?

Rochelle talks about “ritualizing exercise” and I love the concept. What are some rituals you have around your workouts that make them feel good to you?

What do you love about your body?


  • You GUYS!!!

    Kate – truly – I am SURE you hear this all the time: your hostessing talents are impressive – I see the next Oprah!

    Rochelle – what an enchantress! Wizard. Wizardess? Queen indeed. The Queen of Meaningful Movement. Only stars in your future, sister. No doubt.

    Making me smile in Seattle –

    • Kate

      @dara, Thanks Dara! You’re the second Dara who’s compared me to Oprah today…I swear to God. I don’t know what that means, but I’ll take it! Thanks for tuning in beautiful!

  • Lori Hepp

    OMGoddess! While I so love Nia, I have been feeling stagnant in it, after 10+ years of teaching. Yoga…not sure if it’s totally my thing. I just about peed my pants when I watched this, and went to Rochelle’s site! Yaay!! Just what I have been looking for! Kate you are one amazing connector! I dig your little videos, adore the women you bring to us, and your fun, sexy, 20something lingo that frames things in such a rock hard way! Thank you , thank you!

    XO Lori

  • Tracy

    OMG…I was JUST introduced to Rochelle’s qoya – wisewildfree yesterday from the second Dara…I can’t wait to experience it. as always, you Rick Kate! and both Dara’s are right- the next Oprah!

    xo, Tracy

  • GlimpseTV two days in a row,I love it! Off to my third dance class today.I bought dancing shoes so I am so ready for class today:)Thanks for the inspiration. I too am looking for a different way to move my body. I love all of your friends Kate! They are all so glittery!

  • That was one of the most beautiful, sensual videos ever! I can’t get enough of these amazing women, you are both glowing.

    ~ When I get in my head I need to take one small action that moves me back into my allowing, just one small thing that creates movement
    ~ I love lifting weights (just myself and my husband in a small gym) and for me the ritual is in the stillness I find in my strength and power and looking in the mirror and saying, YES, STRONG, POWERFUL, MAMA, WOMAN
    ~ Oh, the belly that has stretched to birth 3 babies; the boobs that have nursed all those children for 8 years; my hands that… write, nurture, cook, clean, express as I talk; the way my hair is curly and straight at the same time; the extra body that makes me feel like a woman

    Thank you for those…

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