Meet me in the Big Apple: REVEAL & Business Meets Spirituality

I’m speaking at these two incredible events coming up this spring in NYC. Join me and the soul-stirring women I’ll be sharing the stage with for down and dirty money advice mixed with spiritual wisdom nuggets.

Business Meets Spirituality

April 25-27th, 2014

NYIT Auditorium, New York City


Gry Sindig has contagiously positive energy. She stopped by the apartment where I was staying this fall to get twelve copies of Money: A Love Story signed for her mastermind participants. Even though we only spent a few minutes together, as soon as she left I knew I wanted to know her better.

Until Sunday, April 13th there’s a limited time offer of 2-for-1 tickets that you won’t want to miss out on.

BMS is a one of a kind event that brings ambitious solo-entrepreneurs and leaders from “all over the world” together in a truly inspiring environment in New York. This is a unique chance to meet and learn from the most talented speakers out there as leaders from Norway and the US will share their inspirational stories and knowledge.

At BMS you can learn how to infuse more of you in your business from spiritual leaders like Princesses Märtha Louise & Elisabeth Nordeng; The host and online marketing pioneer, Gry Sinding will teach you the online strategies you need to know to boost your business; Not to mention, you will hear inspirational and groundbreaking stories from successful authors/CEOs/artists, etc. like Kathrine Aspaas, Anita Krohn Traaseth, Mona Nordøy, Dagny Thurmann-Hoelseth and yours truly.

The goal with BMS is to boost your energy and drive for success, while also teaching you the internet marketing and business strategies you need to know, so you can create a online business model where you can make more money AND make a difference. Inspiring you to take your business from little or nothing, to really something.

If you are an ambitious leader or an entrepreneur who wants to make a difference, while making money in the process, then join us for Business Meets Spirituality: an event full of inspiration, training, and unique perspectives on building a business with passion and purpose! Oh yeah, the house will be packed with fantastic women, but men are very welcome to join as well : )



REVEAL the Event


May 17th, 2014

NYU Center for Spiritual Life, New York City

Every time I’ve gone to REVEAL I leave more firmly planted in the foundation of who I am as a woman. And I fall more and more in love with myself and womankind. Meggan Watterson, one of my very best friends and the author of Reveal: A Sacred Manual for Getting Spiritually Naked, creates alchemy at this one day event that’s party fiery soul-voices, part ritual, and part dance party.

The most illuminated goal for the day is to come together as a fiery band of soul sisters, wellness warriors, femmeprenuers, lightworkers to lift and light each other up!
REVEAL is a communal affair, a form of lady-church for us each to expand our soul and ultimately our capacity to love and be love in the world. Expect to hear from some of the most powerful spiritual firebrands and trailblazers, expect to be transformed through rituals, movement, and a whole lot of dancing!
REVEAL is about abandoning our fears, but never ourselves. It’s about sharing our own stories of the divine that view the body as sacred. And it’s about remembering that the source of unfaltering love is within us, ready to lead us to our highest potential.

Let’s get spiritually naked at REVEAL 2014…

I’ll be sharing the stage with my lady-loves: Latham ThomasAlisa VittiJessica Ortner, Rha Goddess, Rochelle Schieck and more as we share our passion to encourage us all to heal and heed the audacity of the soul.


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