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Masterminds: 6 Reasons You Need One, Where to Find the Right One, and/or How to Create Your Own

Masterminds: 6 Reasons You Need One, Where to Find the Right One, and/or How to Create Your Own

I honestly didn’t realize it until last week when Mike and I sat down to record this week’s Kate & Mike Show episode, but there’s something I’ve committed to since the very beginning of my business that I think has been the single biggest contributor to feeling like, despite the ups and downs, my business is wildly successful and I’m a thriving entrepreneur:

Circling up with a group of fellow entrepreneurs who are also committed to upleveling with a set structure and container to encourage all of you to grow.

There’s actually a word for this very thing.

That word is mastermind.

It’s based on the idea that we’re more powerful together, that 1 + 1 = 3 (not 2), and that when you get a group of people together who are an energetic match, everyone accelerates in a way they couldn’t possibly if they were going it alone.

I’ve participated in all kinds of masterminds over the past 11 years, and regardless of their structure, cost, or length, all of them have had one thing in common:

They’ve caused me and my business to grow exponentially in relationship to the time I invested.

A mastermind is like kiln-dried firewood and perfectly crumpled newspaper for your growth. Your ideas are the matches or sparks or that clicker thing where you have to hold one part with your thumb while you pull the trigger with your finger to get fire to come out of it, which can sometimes take a few tries to coordinate.

No newspaper and dry firewood? All the sparks in the world won’t catch. They need something to ignite them and let them grow and burn.

You may have never heard the word mastermind before, or you might have been considering joining or starting one.

Either way, if you want to take your business to the next level in a Do Less way, a mastermind is a must and this week we’re giving you:

  • 6 reasons to join a mastermind
  • how to find the right one for you
  • how to start your own

Click here to listen to the episode.

Running a business can be lonely, especially if no one else in your family or your group of local friends is an entrepreneur.

Forging close relationships through masterminds has been critical for our business growth, especially when it comes to getting behind-the-scenes insights into how other successful entrepreneurs run their businesses, getting key introductions that have allowed us to leapfrog our growth, and being reminded of who I am when I forget. (Because we all do!)

I don’t want you to go it alone anymore. There’s really no need for that extra struggle. Life and running a business are hard enough as they are. Doing it by yourself is just not necessary.

Listen to the episode and do what you need to do to get yourself a mastermind, stat!

Once you’ve listened we’d love to know:

What’s your experience been with masterminds? What additional questions, if any, do you have?

Leave us a comment and let us know!

We’ll be going live for our final Facebook live of the August Podcast Listening Adventure on Friday, August 30th, at 10am ET to dive deeper into the topic of masterminds with you!

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Enjoy the episode, and we’ll see you Friday!


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