Let Your Freak Flag Fly

Danielle LaPorte speaking at the World Domination Summit.

I just returned from Portland, OR to Portland, ME. (Despite my home town often being referred to as the “other” Portland, the Oregonians named their fair city after us.) I very enthusiastically attended the World Domination Summit (WDS), author and traveler Chris Guillebeau’s annual conference for bloggers, travelers, change-makers, and others who dub themselves non-conformists. It was a festival of the unconventional.

Here’s what I love about this gathering: its a community where being uncool (aka 100% yourself) is applauded. There were some freak flags flying this weekend and it was breathtaking and life-enhancing.

I sat this morning attempting to write a post digesting the weekend’s events and take-aways, but I find myself at a loss. So much inspiration, so little time.

So instead, I’m sharing the profound words with you via poignant quotes from WDS. And guess what – they’re all Tweet-ready! Just click the quote to Tweet:

The only true currency in this bankrupt world is what you say to someone when you’re being uncool. ~Almost Famous via Brené Brown “The number one barrier to belonging is fitting in.” ~ Brené Brown “Who you are will always trump who you think people want you to be.” Brené Brown “Unused creativity is not benign.” ~Brené Brown “Cool is mostly about self-protection.” ~Brené Brown “I’m going deeper, not wider.” ~Danielle Vieth in reference to spending most of her WDS time with people she already knew instead of branching out. I did the same and felt guilty about it until she beautifully articulated what we were doing.

“The opposite of fear is not courage or bravery. It’s surrender.” ~Chris Brogan “The more willing you are to look dumb, the better you look.” ~Chris Brogan “You will succeed the weirder you get.” ~Chris Brogan “Whenever your friends and family tell you what you’re doing is crazy, you know it’s good.” ~Daniel Noll and Audrey Scott of UncorneredMarket.com “Personal accomplishment = great. Shared accomplishment = sublime.” ~ Daniel Noll and Audrey Scott of UncorneredMarket.com “Love scales.” ~Danielle LaPorte “There’s a time and purpose for being lost. If you don’t judge the being lost you get through it sooner.” ~Danielle LaPorte “Your desires will very often be contradictory and so will your strengths. All of our contradictions make us whole.” ~Danielle LaPorte “You don’t need to be burned out to go on hiatus.” ~Danielle LaPorte “I don’t have it all. I have what I want. I have my version of it all.” ~Danielle LaPorte “I would rather get out of the game than stay in the game to change the game.” ~Danielle LaPorte “Nobody can tell your story the way you can tell your story.” ~Danielle LaPorte “Keep your eyes on your own paper.” ~Nicole Antoinette, a new and enthusiastic long-distance runner “Big sexy dreams are accomplished one very unsexy step at a time.” ~Nicole Antoinette “There’s no cap on the amount of success that’s possible in the world.” ~Nicole Antoinette


So there you have it. WDS in one-liners. Have an unconventional day.


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