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Last dance. Last chance for Money Love.

Who doesn’t love a little disco? I couldn’t resist a nod to the iconic Donna Summer because it’s true: today is your last chance to sign up for The Money Love Course. The cart closes at 3pm EST. (Use this time zone converter to figure out what time that is where you live.)

If you know you want to register, just skip the rest of this email and go do it now. Click HERE.

But, if you want me to seduce you a little bit (and really, who doesn’t like to be buttered up a little now and again) I’m up for that.

Here are the top 10 reasons to sign up for The Money Love Course:

1. You’ll fall in love. This course is about falling in love with your money and falling in love with yourself. But guess what? The exclusive, private online community within The Money Love Course is one of the warmest, most loving, supportive places I’ve ever had the privilege of hanging out. During our last session two of our students met in the community and then fell in love with each other real life! How’s that for a money love story?

2. You’ll actually show up and do the work. How many times have you bought a book (like Money: A Love Story for example) and either stuck it on your shelf without even opening it or read a few chapters only to abandon it as soon as your resistance to doing the exercises came up? I know it’s happened to me. That’s why a course like this one where I will hold your hand and walk you through the most critical aspects of the money love journey is so helpful. Together we’ll make sure you actually show up for your money and for yourself.

3. You’ll get insights and exercises you won’t get anywhere else. The Money Love Course is a deeper dive into the material in Money: A Love Story, but it also includes insights and exercises that aren’t covered in the book. The material is living and breathing in my life and the lives of my clients and readers, so there’s new content, exercises, and strategies that emerge all the time. Plus, I often get a new spark of inspiration while teaching live that’s totally spontaineous. And you just can’t get that kind of magic from reading a book on your own.

4. There’s never been a better time than NOW to get it together financially. If you wait until next year to pay attention to your finances, that’s another year of your life that’s gone by. Now is usually the best time to make a change, not after the holidays or after your vacation or after you lose five pounds or make $500 more dollars. Now is when your life is happening. And it will keep happening whether you fall in love with your finances or not. But a life with #moneylove is way richer than one without it.

5. Begin 2014 with your financial duckies in a row. The two biggest areas people focus on at the start of a new year are their finances and their health. Why not just check the money thing off the list now so that come New Year’s you can just focus on that hot bod of yours? Get a jump on your 2014 plans now by starting the year off with a revitalized relationship with your money and yourself. It’s the best foundation to make 2014 the best year of your life (so far).

6. We’re actually going to make personal finance fun. Really? Is it possible to make paying attention to your money fun? Yep. I’m actually going to teach you a strategy to make paying off debt fun. I know you may think I’m nuts, but I’m serious. Because anything worth taking seriously (like your money) is worth making fun of. The Money Love Course is a damn good time. I promise that we’ll laugh every session.

7. Become part of the global #moneylove movement. We have people signed up from The Netherlands, Scotland, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Malaysia, Israel, the USA, and beyond. I cannot even tell you how thrilled I am to be taking this movement global. What do you think creates the foundation for solving our global issues around poverty, war, and inequality? I’m pretty sure it’s love. Yes indeed, the concepts and mindset shifts you’ll learn during this course can help alleviate the major problems plaguing our planet. Join us to be part of the solution.

8. Pass on a healthier, happier money legacy to your kids. How many of use inherited less than awesome beliefs around money and our worth from our parents? So many. How about we stop handing stinkin’ thinking’ down to the next generation and instead create a new money legacy? I know that’s one of the biggest reasons that I do the work I do. Join The Money Love Course, clean up your own money story, and help your kids have loving relationships with money right from the get go. The generations after them will thank you too.

9. You get lifetime access. We’re all busy and the holidays are just around the corner. Might there be a few Mondays where you can’t join us live for the session? Might you get behind a week or two on the course material? Chances are pretty good you will. So, that’s why we’ll record all the sessions and give you unlimited access to this material forever. That’s right. You can come back to The Money Love Course recordings and support materials as many times as you want for the rest of your life. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

10. You’re worth it. This is of course the most important reason. You, my dear one, are meant to live a life of joy, abundance, peace, and love all while enjoying the heck out of your life. You are worth that and more. When your life force is being drained by worry and stress about money you don’t get to live in the fullness of who you are. And you don’t get to give your gifts to the world in the same full throttle way than if you were rocking the #moneylove. So, invest in yourself because you and the rest of your rockin’ life are so worth it.

Money Love Course Kate NorthrupFind out more about the course and register by clicking HERE.

If you have any other questions or concerns that haven’t been answered here or on our overview page, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Mike and me at

Whether The Money Love Course is right for you or not, know that I believe in you and your ability to create a love affair with your money and yourself.

Here’s to love and money, in that order :).




  • Kristina Brzezinski

    Kate! I just had a MASSIVE breakthrough today thanks to your book and all the other wisdom you’ve shared through your site and webinars. I’m so excited, it’s hard for me to even slow down enough to write this out! I finally identified my deepest underlying money fear today, why I have it, all the negative money thoughts that helped create it and reinforce it, how my “Prince Charming” comes into the picture, and how all of that helped me create a mess. Now that I finally understand all that, and exactly when, where, why and how I gave up financial control, I’m able and ready to reclaim my #moneylove story. I can’t wait to see what happens next! With deep gratitude, Kristina

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