Kris Carr: How to Tell Your Story to Build a Business and Make a Difference {Glimpse TV}

I don’t know about you, but with all the book launch hub-bub, I’ve really, really missed Glimpse TV. I’ve still been shooting episodes because I just LOVE it and I can’t stop asking people I love who are doing interesting things in the world questions!

Today is a special day because I’m sharing a cozy chat I had with Kris Carr, NY Times Bestselling author of Crazy Sexy Diet and Crazy Sexy Kitchen.

The first time Kris was on Glimpse TV I didn’t know her. She showed up at my little studio apartment on 16th and 7th in NYC, we chatted for a bit and then I made her put on her coat and come up to the roof with me to shoot. It was January 2011. We were freezing. But Kris was a total champ and I have to say, it was kind of love at first sight.

I can’t believe it’s been nearly three years since that interview. (The link is at the bottom of this post should you care to take a gander at our rosy cheeks and visible breath.) It’s kind of mind blowing how much can happen in three short years.

During this time Kris’s star has risen in a big way. She’s had not one, but two books hit the NY Times Bestseller list. She’s travelled the world rocking the mic with her hilarious, poignant, and wise keynotes. (If I’m speaking at the same I Can Do It! as her I always organize my schedule around seeing her speak. I love it so much that I simply can’t miss it!) She’s built a house. She’s hung out with Oprah a few more times. And she’s adopted another member of her family (more on that story in the episode below.)

Here’s what I love about Kris:

Kris helped me mastermind my book launch and always has brilliant insights about speaking, writing, and other platform-building activities. She’s built a Crazy Sexy Empire over the last several years and she’s now giving all of us an insider’s peak at how she did it.

Kris’s new creation, The Spotlight Crash Course, gives you the tools and insight you need to get your message out into the world.

My intention was to pop on down to Woodstock to interview Kris about Spotlight. But, you know, she’s just so fun and delicious we had to talk about a bunch of other things too.

In this episode of Glimpse TV you’ll find out:

Click below to tune in to the episode!

Tweet: When you come at anything with violence nothing bountiful is produced. ~@Kris_Carr via @katenorthrup #GlimpseTV you come at anything with violence, nothing bountiful is produced.” ~Kris Carr (Tweet it!)

Find out about The Spotlight Crash Course where you can get proven advice and strategies from Kris & her inner circle of agents, producers, publishers, creative coaches, publicity & speaking experts, and colleagues.

Your message matters. It’s time to step into your spotlight. Click the image below to get a sampler of three free audio sessions, including What Every Book Proposal Must Have with my editor and dear friend Patty Gift.

The course is 25% off until December 20th so if you have an inkling it might be for you, be sure to head over and check it out now.

And now over to you…

Do you have any go to strategies for choosing what to say yes to and what to say no to? 

Leave a comment below – I’d love to hear from you!

Oh, and here’s that original Glimpse TV episode with Kris. Cute, eh?

If you want to read the original post that went with this video, HERE it is!

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  • Paul says:

    “Buddy has not read any of those books, he’d like to pee on them”, that sounds like my rats! Great interview too, I really enjoyed it!

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  • Gigi says:

    Brilliant and fun interview!

    I pause and listen to my body when opportunities/shiny objects come up. And if I am still having trouble deciding, I turn to my best friend to help me sort out my feelings, as she’s excellent at asking the right questions and listening, which is really what helps me sort things out.

  • Dianna says:

    Awww… Seeing the freeze frame at the end of the two of you laughing with smiles soooo bug made me cry!!! My heart aches to experience, feel, and do what you both do!!! Thank you for every step that you take and share with us. <3 Dianna

  • Kara says:

    Wonderful interview and energy Kate and Kris! Love the part where Kris talks about feeling like vomiting or peeing with nervousness before getting up on stage. I LOVE talking and speaking but I always feel so nervous before hand, yet it’s one of my favorite and most satisfying work adventures. Glad to hear from awesome speakers how normal that is to be nervous of the stage. :)

  • Charlene says:

    Kate, you do such a great interview!! Loved it! Thanks to you and Kris.

  • Thanks for the opportunity to share. I have a rather radical approach to “choosing what to say yes to and what to say no to.”

    If a voice in my head is saying YES to something (tell her EXACTLY what you think of her, eat an extra helping of…, oh it won’t hurt to check your email before meditating) I do the opposite — I save my nasty comments to myself, I don’t eat an extra helping, and I go right on to my meditation.

    If the voice is saying NO to something (sleep in instead of doing my morning yoga practice, don’t stop and practice gratitude, don’t share what you thought of her class today) I once again do the opposite — I go straight to yoga, I practice gratitude, and share what I thought.

    Those voices just want to sabotage happiness and create feeling bad. The minute I get it that they’re not on my side, I can know that my choices will be good ones!


  • Shannon says:

    Loved this interview! You’re both so natural and it was the perfect timing to remind me that feeling the sense of ease and having patience in your business is good. Lots of gratitude and love to you both xxx

  • April says:

    Dear Kate and Kris,
    O ;) thank you so much for this positive examole of loving kindness and friendship and your honesty, thank you for caring and sharing,you are like real carebears sometimes! We learn from our relationships and grow from them. Are you a Carebear ! I know you are a Carebear O ;) thank you really for sharing I learned so much from these videos! It is so important and beautiful to have real loving relationships that are with proper boundaries and also helping people professionally ( thank you for offering the course I wish I could have signed up) so busy right now with my own processes though learning so much from you too, tand with confidence ! Are you a carebear in care lot i think so, though you have some real extraordinary talent and responsibilities and what you are doing is a tremendous blessing to others, thank you ! O ;) happy touring and safe an happy traveling, blessings ( your mom too Kate is so awesome and beautiful and an inspiration to so many ) bless you and happy holidays , thank you ! Thank you thank you

  • Ania says:

    That was such a lovely interview to watch! You two have such a great energy, and really authentic too. :) What I lived most was what Kris said about patience – I’m in the third year of my coaching business and I often get frustrated with my progress and forget to appreciate everything that I have achieved in that time! I have a more fulfilling life than ever before – the money and business success will come. :)
    Thanks, Kate, for doing this inspiring video!

  • Caroline says:

    This is a great interview, it is so great when successful women share their tips and give an insight into what works for them. I have just started Spotlight and I can’t wait to learn more!

  • Alyssa says:

    “like catching up with an old friend” Kris referring to spending time by herself – so beautiful and so true! I also loved watching your older video – it was cute listening to you guys talk about finding love…and look at you now :)

  • Lucie says:

    Oh I loved this! Thank you. So much wisdom from two amazing women.

  • Julie says:

    So, funny story – I went to watch the interview and after a few minutes, found myself continuously distracted. So I left it. Cue bedtime: propped myself up in bed determined to watch the whole thing…..I AM SO FREAKING GLAD I DID!! I think I want to cry happy tears! I have just started my own blog to be able to ‘tell my story’ with the vision of enoucraging, supporting and inspiring others, but felt myself overwhelmed thinking, gah! Idiot! What have you done?! After watching this gorgeous interview, I have gone from feeling overwhelmed about ‘doing it right and fast and yesterday!” to taking a huge breath and choosing to channel calm and embrace the fact that Rome wasn’t built in a day! Thank you so much!

  • Blog Love says:

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