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It was the hardest week of my life and this made all the difference.


The week my baby was born was the hardest week of my life. Penelope is such a blessing, I love her more than anything, and her birth was one of the best things that ever happened to me.

But the week after was just. so. hard.

I’ve yet to talk to a woman about her birth experience and hear that it went exactly as she had expected. Mine was no different.

Perhaps someday I’ll write more in depth about my birth story. Today is not that day. But I wanted to share some of the broad strokes of the story to drive something home. Stay with me.

On one of those very early postpartum days in a complete fog of sleep deprivation, shock, and physical recovery, I sat on the bed cradling my baby girl in my arms.

Nursing wasn’t going well. There were other concerns about Penelope’s health. I was on the Space Mountain of hormonal and emotional roller coasters.

Mike was by my side the entire time.

At one point he was checking something quickly on his phone. He turned to me with a big smile and said:

“Guess how much money we made today?”

During my pregnancy we’d launched our first evergreen (available all the time) course, Feng Shui For Financial Freedom.

Because we’d set up our online systems correctly and had a strong marketing plan in place running automatically, we were making sales every single day. Even during the hardest week of my life.

A wave of gratitude washed over me. Not because of the money. But because of the space the money allowed us.

I wasn’t counting down the days until Mike had to return to work leaving me at home alone with a newborn. I wasn’t freaking out about pumping a freezer stash of milk because my maternity leave was going to expire.

We weren’t worried about how we would pay for Penelope’s needs. (We were worried about plenty of other things, just not that ☺.)

Buying fancy cars, upgrading your home, and being a luxury jet-setter are all amazing reasons to build a profitable online business.

But the reasons that really matter hit you when you least expect them.

When the uncontrollable nature of being a human brings you to your knees and you’re having a hard time making it through the hour, let alone the day, that’s when having a thriving online business really matters.

Mike and I spent those early days of Penelope’s life (and the months following) side by side, holding our little girl and holding each other.

We learned the mindset, systems, and strategy to set up our business to give us the financial and time freedom to truly be there for the moments that matter from B-School.

You can’t put a price tag on the freedom to be present with the people you love when it matters most. {Tweet It} You can’t put a price tag_tweet.

B-School gives you the tools to create that freedom for the inevitable unexpected moments of life, both challenging and sublime.

If you’re ready to create that kind of freedom for yourself, join our B-School Class of 2016.

Mike and I cannot wait to support you as you learn and implement the tools to build your business so you have the space in your life for what really matters.


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  • Amber

    I am a Marriage and Family therapist in the process of relocating to a different state and starting my private practice. Is this something g that can help me with that?? Thank you!! Blessings and Namaste. ??

    • Kate Northrup

      Hey Amber! Yes! If you want to use the Internet to fill your practice in a new state then B-School will give you the tools and blueprint to do that!

  • Jan H Croteau

    Hi Kate, I just signed up for B School and I am confused as to weather I did it right because I was using your website to get there. I would so like to be part of your B School community as I live near your neck of the woods and totally enjoyed your Q and A session yesterday on Facebook. Am I automatically signed up for your B School bonuses because I got there from your site? I sure hope so, because it was Mike who convinced me to do it when he said he got more out of B School than he got out of his MBA. Thanks for your work.

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