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How to Use Your Period (and/or the Moon) to Grow Your Social Media Engagement and Following

How to Use Your Period (and/or the Moon) to Grow Your Social Media Engagement and Following

The social media algorithms (and the rest of the world) are organized around a 24-hour cycle, demanding of us that we show up at the same time every day with the same level of energy and focus as we had the day before…or ideally more.

But those of us who have periods (or who feel more aligned with feminine energy) don’t function on a 24-hour cycle.

Our biology and energy ebb and flow within a 24-to-35-day cycle instead.

We have 4 distinct phases throughout the month (more on what they are in a minute), in fact, and we are not designed to be the same every day.

So, how do we show up to tend to our communities and businesses in the linear world of social media when we’re cyclical creatures?

Simple: we work with who we are instead of trying to change who we are.

Each of our 4 phases throughout the month has its own unique gift for us in terms of our creativity, connectivity, and energy levels, based on our hormones and/or the energy of the cosmos as it relates to the moon.

(Fascinating data shows that humans are affected by the moon, although we don’t exactly know why.)

These 4 phases poise us for social media ease, flow, and abundance if we pay attention to them and use them.

There are 2 more outward phases where you’ll likely feel more like being on social, and 2 inward phases where you’ll likely feel more withdrawn and not be so plugged in.

The 2 outward phases are:

(I wrote about how to work with your cyclical energy if your period doesn’t align with the moon cycles – spoiler alert: you’re not doing it wrong! – and you can check it out here.)

The 2 inward phases are:

When it comes to social media, here’s how you can use your cyclical energy to get incredible momentum with ease:

  1. Know where you are in your menstrual cycle and/or the lunar cycle. Using a tool like the Daily Energy Tracker is the best way to get into a daily relationship with the gift of your cyclical energy, so you can work with it instead of against it.
  2. Use the phase you’re in for your social media.

Follicular/Waxing Moon: Plan and Create

Ovulation/Full Moon: Connect and Be Visible

Luteal/Waning Moon: Focus and Analyze

Menstrual/New Moon: Rest and Receive

You were designed for peak creativity and incredible ease in your work. All you need to do is follow your flow.

When you use the 4 phases you experience each month in concert with your menstrual cycle and/or the moon, social media will become a source of energy instead of a drain of energy.

You’ll also find more joy in the process, and your engagement, growth, and conversion will increase because everything just works better when we’re aligned.

Happy social cycling!

Are you new to the idea of using your cyclical nature to organize your workflow? If so, what are you most excited about? If not, what have you tried before? Leave a comment and let us know what you think of aligning your social media with your cycles!

P.S. Getting to know your energetic flow is the key to being able to use it to grow your business while doing less. The Daily Energy Tracker is the perfect tool to get to know your flow in less than 5 minutes a day! Grab yours now.

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Grab your Do Less Weekly Planning Ritual Guide – it’s free!

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