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How to Boost Your Energy and Avoid Burnout

Interested in learning how to boost your energy and avoid burnout?

My girlfriend texted to ask me if I wanted to go for a walk first thing in the morning on a day I had childcare and lots to do.

“I don’t have time,” was the first thought that popped into my head.

But then I remembered that I had written a book about doing less.

I also remembered that though we’ve been programmed to believe that the way to get more done is to pack as much as possible into our days, the truth is that well-timed breaks actually help you boost your energy and avoid burnout.

So I went for the walk, even though I was tempted to cancel because my little gremlin mind told me walking with a girlfriend would mean I wouldn’t get the things done that I needed to.

You know what?

I came home feeling refreshed and energized. The fresh air, combined with my friend’s whip-smart insights on life, set me up beautifully for a focused, engaged day.

I sat down at my desk feeling vibrant, and I got what I needed to do done with zero issues, feeling grateful I’d taken the time to connect with someone and move my body.

Here’s the thing:

Packing as much as we can into our days is not the way to get more done.

Taking strategic, well-timed breaks is.

If you’re looking to increase your productivity and avoid burnout (and also to unhook yourself from the cycle of thinking that how much you do equates to how much you’re worth), then you’re going to love today’s video.

In it, you’ll learn:

– How to access a readily available blueprint that will tell you precisely when to take a break

– How to make your rest optimally restorative so that you get more bang for your “rest buck”

– How to ensure your working hours are as productive as possible and minimize spaced-out, unfocused time and avoid burnout

Click below to take a look.

how to boost your energy and avoid burnout

Now I want to hear from you: How do you schedule breaks throughout your day, week, month, and year? What resonated the most from this video and how will you put it into action? Leave a comment and let me know!

P.S. What if you knew exactly what to focus on (and when to focus on it) to get the results you want in your business and avoid burnout? I’m teaching a free workshop all about that. Claim your spot in the free focus workshop!


  • Hi there! I loved your book Do Nothing (life saver!) at a time when I really needed right after the pandemic–and wear the golden egg necklace all the time. I’ve been following what you’ve said about timing my campaigns and down periods around my period, but noticing that my cycle is exactly flipped where I’m ovulating during new moons and having periods during full moons. Then I researched it briefly and found this article on how there’s actually no correlation between menstrual and lunar cycles for half the population:

    Part of me was relieved because I was actually getting down on my body for not being in sync with the moon. Crazy, I know.

    What would you suggest I do instead if my internal rhythms are off from nature’s in timing it with my business? Just look at my period’s cycles (I track it in an app so have a rough idea of what will happen when…) to time it with?

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