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Greatest Hits of 2016


I sometimes feel a little anxious as the year moves to a close.

Did I do enough this year?

Did I enjoy it enough?

Did I spend the year well?

Are all my t’s crossed and my i’s dotted?

Is my house clean enough to start a new year?

The way I deal with this anxiety is to listen to what my body and the Earth are telling me.

I don’t entirely resonate with the way our calendar is organized, to be honest. Right at the time when we feel like crawling into bed and hibernating, the marketing machine is telling us to get to the gym, resolve to reinvent our lives, and become the skinniest, most productive, most spiritual, and “balanced” versions of ourselves.

But the Earth is telling us to slow down and go within. The winter (which technically begins on the darkest day of the year, which happened last week on the 21st) is the macrocosm for the time of the month that begins at the dark of the moon and the time of menstruation.

This is a great time to reflect, listen to your intuition (which is stronger during this time of stillness), rest, and take stock of your year and your life.

It also happens to be Mercury Retrograde which adds extra power to the energy asking us to slow down and review.

This week Mike and I are doing our year-end review (a process you can hear all about on our podcast on the topic) and annual planning.

To that end, I want to share my favorite posts from 2016 with you. I think it’s highly unlikely you’ve read all of these already, because, you know, you probably have other things to do than read my blog. Plus, one of the most important parts of our annual review is celebrating what went well. (Remember – we all need to learn to toot our own horn for the betterment of everyone!)

In the spirit of slowing down, taking stock, and celebration, I give you my Greatest Hits of 2016. Peruse the list of titles, click on the ones that resonate most, and enjoy!

Don’t wish it away. Are you a prayer? I thought this was going to be easier. How my boobs changed my relationship with money. Judgement and what we think about the things we haven’t experienced. On control and the inherent brittleness of being rigid. What do you stand for? On fighting, peace, and the semantics of change.

I hope you’ll join me in slowing down this season, as opposed to buying in to the racket about gearing up and going harder during the very months that your body and the Earth are calling you to listen more closely to yourself and cocoon. When springtime comes and the energy shifts towards new beginnings, your beginnings will be that much more powerful. And don’t forget to celebrate what was great in 2016 while you’re at it!


What are your “greatest hits” of 2016? What are you proud of? What went great? I’d love to hear about it in the comments!


  • Anne McDonald

    love this Kate and certainly resonate with the contradiction of winter and the world around us sleeping and we rushing out to take up playing the ukulele or training with kettles! :)

  • I completely agree with you on slowing down this time of year and the need to reflect and go within. Your blog posts always have a timely feel and they bring a great deal of comfort when I read them. You share your thoughts so honestly, thank you for that! My ‘greatest hit’ of 2016 was throwing my hat in for a speaking/workshop engagement at an annual Gardening Saturday…and holy smokes – they asked me to do it! The Universe said…”Yes”…it’s a lovely next step for me towards my goals. Thanks for being you Kate…you are appreciated more than you know :)

  • My greatest 2016 “hit” was making the decision I would get paid for BEING ME! No moaning and groaning, no fussing and sussing out the enemy…just powerful, supportive, you-got-this verbiage…and wow, what a difference!! Each day thereafter got flipped on it’s head and stretched all the more, in a grander direction.
    Thank you for being you, the you that gets others inspired, motivated, dreaming even BIGGER!
    Happiest of a fantabulous New Year!!

  • Dawna

    I ❤️ that mug in your photo!
    Happy New Year to you…

  • marianne

    I spend this last month of the year not only reading your book again but this time also doing the exercises. Divorced three years ago and a pensioner now I have no idea what money is. I always had a good , well paying job and my husband managed our money well. Now I have to do it myself and with alot less than what Iam used to. Love the way you connect common sense and spirituality in your book. I feel very empowered bij this book. Refusing any financial aid from my ex husband gives me such a sense of strength. Also I learned to be proud of my pension. The money I worked for and saved in a pensions fund. Every payday I say to myself, well done girl. Now go and get yourself something nice.

    Wishing you and your beautifull family blessings for the year to

  • Melanie

    I am proud of my spiritual and emotional growth in the past year – healing from a break up and chronic migraine issue has been no easy feat. Building new friendships and communities is what I’m most proud of – as well as learning to love myself, advocate for my self, and have my own back. This is helping me in all areas of my life. I’m proud of my travel, my money management, and big risks I’ve taken as a storyteller. I’m proud of how brave I’ve been in telling my truth and thereby neutralizing shame. I’m proud of my body. I’m proud to be me. I’m proud that I have the wisdom to pause and slow down, but I never, ever, give up,

  • I’m proud of facing my fear of weight gain and getting pregnant anyway because I knew it was the right time. I’m also proud that just last Friday I found out (accidentally) my weight (had been purposely ignoring it) and it was way worse than I thoughtbut I didn’t let it mess holiday weekend or my mindset about this pregnancy. That shows a lot of growth in my part. I totally resonate with your thoughts on continuing the rest and reflection. My birthday being at the end of March and my baby bring due at the end for March are even more solidifying that thought to take the easy and get contemplative about what I want for 2017. Very excited. Love your platform!

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