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Glimpse TV w/ Marie Forleo: Why having more sex increases your business success.

I was entranced the minute I laid eyes on Marie Forleo. This vibrant, hilarious, truck-driver-mouthed dynamo had me at hello. I was at networking night at the Mama Gena’s School of Womanly Arts and Marie was regaling us with her hip-hop diva meets online marketing mogul style of wisdom and sass. She had us booty popping and expressing our true entrepreneurial passions all in one sitting. I knew this was a woman I simply HAD to know. But, not wanting to be one of the enthusiastic throngs crowding Marie to meet her that night, I decided to conjure a one on one, more synchronistic meeting. A few weeks later Marie and I stood across from each other in Warrior II in a yoga class at Yoga Shanti in Sag Harbor. I introduced myself, we exchanged numbers, we met at the beach later that day (with her fiancé Josh Pais who I hope to feature on Glimpse TV soon) and the rest is history.

I feel honored to call Marie a mentor, way-shower, and dear friend. She reminds me constantly that everything is possible, that I can have it all, and that the best stuff is happening right now, in the present moment. Her book Make Every Man Want You: How to be so Irresistible You’ll Barely Keep from Dating Yourself not only impressed the hell out of me, but also women who I’ve given it to ranging in age from sixteen to sixty. Her brand, Rich, Happy, and Hot combines sexy fun, hardcore practical business advice and a sprinkle of spiritual wisdom to top it off. I’m so excited to share my conversation with Marie with you (its my longest episode yet because what she shared was so darn good I just couldn’t leave any of it on the cutting room floor.)

Marie’s newest project, Rich, Happy, and Hot B-School, is for women who want to make it big online and it opens its doors on August 10th. I’ll be enrolling as a B-School student and I hope you’ll join me. Marie and her partner, Laura Roeder, have given me a sneak peak of what’s in store for us in B-School and I can tell you that if you’re a woman entrepreneur who wants to learn how to leverage the internet to increase your revenue and create more freedom in your life, this is where you’re going to learn how to do that. If there’s one woman who not only knows her sh*t, but also walks the walk in a big way, it’s miss Marie Forleo. Enjoy as she shares how to turn business schizophrenia into a six-figure income, how having more sex actually increases entrepreneurial success, why she loves her life so much, and more!

Glimpse TV with Marie Forleo: How to turn business schizophrenia into a six-figure income from Kate Moller on Vimeo.

The fine print: I’m a proud affiliate with Rich, Happy and Hot.


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