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Glimpse TV: Put on Your Earth Boots with Kimberly Johnson

I met Kimberly Johnson, a gorgeous, passionate redhead, through my dear friend Marie Forleo. I always love the people who Marie sends my way and Kimberly is no exception. We got together this morning in the sweltering heat for an interview on my tiny green love seat. We talked fear, yoga, desire, focus, the importance of knowing how to balance a checkbook, and how to put on your “Earth boots” and land here. Tune in below for my thirteen-minute interview with this delightful yogini.

Glimpse TV with Kimberly Johnson: Put on Your Earth Boots from Kate Moller on Vimeo.

Kimberly lives in Rio de Janeiro where she does yoga teacher trainings, practices a fascinating type of bodywork called Rolfing, and leads retreats. Her upcoming retreat October 31 – November 7th is on Ilha Grande just two hours away from Rio off the coast of Brazil. I’m seriously considering heading south on Halloween to get my yoga, kayaking, canoeing, hiking, samba, and Capoeira on with Kimberly and I hope you’ll consider joining us. The early-bird price for the retreat ends on July 15th and you can find out more about it HERE. If you’re in NYC you can get a taste of Kimberly on Thursday, July 8th at hOMe (525 7th Ave., Suite  506, at 38th St.) where she’s teaching a yoga class entitled Brazil and Back in an Hour (and a Half) from 7:00 – 8:30pm.

Click here to visit Kajyoga.


  • I soooo want to go on this retreat! Kimberly, I love your honesty and passion for the Brazilian spirit.

  • Kimberly’s retreat sounds so amazing. I feel rejuvenated just imagining it. Yoga, kayaking, capoeiria, surfing at a beautiful island off of Rio…oh, my – sounds like a dream! Thanks for interviewing her, Kate. I’ll look forward to checking out your other interviews.

  • Karen Armstrong

    Kimberly… I love how you described the intersecting of the two worlds (inner and outer) that’s happening in our world now… beautifully said…

    Kate… you’re a lovely host!

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