The reason my business has tripled in the last two years.

TFT_badge_150x150A few days before we left on The Freedom Tour, Mike (who at the time was still a somewhat random guy I’d invited to drive across the country with me on a hunch) said to me:

Let’s travel the country together for a year and then we’ll come home and get married.

I thought he’d totally lost it, so I nervously giggled and told him I had to go. Goodnight.

A few of the details turned out differently than his suggestion, but it’s eerily awesome how close his prediction was to the actual unfolding of our relationship.

We traveled together for 10 months (even though it was only supposed to be 5 days). And, we’re getting married this summer!

Mike also suggested that we become business partners during the first week of our road trip. Again, I thought he was completely off his rocker.

I gave an adamant, “No!” and changed the subject.

About a year ago Mike brought up the idea of doing live mastermind events. “It will be so fun! We love being with people and helping them. We can really go deep with them in a way we can’t through online courses. Let’s do it,” he said. (Well, that’s more or less what he said. I didn’t record it verbatim : ) )

“No sir. I don’t want to. I don’t want to get into the event business. It’s too much work. Blah, blah, blah, blah,” was my response. What we’ve found out is this:

Mike gets really good ideas 6 months to a year (and sometimes more) before I think they’re great too.

Exhibit A: Taking a really long road trip, coming home, and getting married. (Best thing I ever did.)

Exhibit B: Building a heart-based business with the love of my life. (A very close second in order of best things I ever did.)

And now, I’ve finally come around to LOVING the idea of doing a live event with my man. I’m slow, but once I’m in, I’m IN!

Mike and I have cooked up something we’re calling: Screen Shot 2014-01-12 at 10.30.22 AM

It’s a live, mastermind-style event where you bring questions and we bring answers, resources, strategies, more questions, stories, inspiration, and support.

It’s happening January 28th in Venice, CA. 

To get all the details for the Freedom Jam click HERE.

Here’s what I’ve learned nearly three years into my relationship with Mike: I’m not always right and I’m a little slow on the uptake. IMG_9631

It turns out Mike is the best thing that’s ever happened to me. He makes me laugh until I fall on the floor (pictured at right). He takes really good care of me. He supports every single business move we make with the masculine structure and follow-through necessary to actually manifest it in the world.

And he’s the reason our business has more than tripled since he came on board as a partner.

I’m grateful every day that I get to live with, work with, and love this man full of amazing ideas, even if I think they’re crazy when he shares them at first.

And guess what?

YOU too can tap into his wisdom, compassion, brilliant coaching ability, desire to dig down to what’s really going on, and tender, tough love at our first live event together, the Freedom Jam.

Plus, I’ll be there with my usual brand of upbeat, holistic insight to uplift your business, money, relationships, and life at large.

All the details are HERE

We can’t wait to meet you and sprinkle some freedom goodness on you in California!

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  • Congratulations! That’s just the most sweetest stories I’ve come across in the www.

    I just wanted to let you know you did a great job at the Hay House recent event. I listened with great respect. One of your exercises you gave I actually did and it was wonderful. I wrote down as you said a type of ‘film’ regarding my first relationship with money.

    It happened to be selling Koolaid infront of our house with my sister when we were about seven.

    What suprised me though was that once I started writing so much more came out. Thank you so much. I’d love to send it to you privately if you are interested.

    In the mean time,

    Hope all is well and congratulations again.


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