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First glimpse of Glimpse.

Glimpse TV: Episode 1, Bindu Wiles from Kate Northrup on Vimeo.

Today is the birthday of Glimpse TV. This show was conceived when I decided that I wanted to incorporate one of my favorite things, talking to interesting people about interesting things, into my online presence. (Plus I was introduced to Zach Galifianakis’s online talk show Between Two Ferns, which is pure comic genius and makes me pee my pants every time I watch it. I figured, if he could have a talk show online with little-to-no production value, so can I.) My coach at the time asked me if I had ever considered being on TV. I hadn’t, but the seed was planted. Now, about six months later, I am proud to announce Episode 1 of Glimpse TV, a show about falling in love with your life. Yeah, sometimes my guests and I may seemingly veer off that topic, but I promise you it all relates back to being dedicated to the art, practice, and science of loving life.

Its apropos that Bindu Wiles is my guest on the first episode of Glimpse TV because she was the main instigator who got me on Twitter, and getting on Twitter was the main inspiration for me to begin my blog and create an online presence. Bindu’s 21.5.800 project lit a fire under my tush to get her on to talk about the community of support she has inspired with her own commitment to her writing and yoga practice. And given that the project has a time limit, it was the perfect reason for me to finally launch Glimpse TV, given that I’ve been talking about it (and filming interviews) for months.

A big thank you to Danielle LaPorte because it was at her tweetup where I first happened upon the delightfully hilarious and enigmatic Bindu Wiles who told me that, in so many words, I was an idiot if I wasn’t on twitter. It was love at first tweet. A very special shout out to Danielle Vieth, my brilliant and dear friend who named the show, to USANA Health Sciences who gifted me my Flipcam for Christmas, to the really nice guy at Radio Shack who sold me their last tripod, and to Dyana Valentine for being a gorgeous and entertaining rooftop camera woman today (my episode with her will air in the next few weeks —she gives a three-step process for turning yourself on to your life —it’s brilliant and not to be missed.)

Enjoy the next eight minutes filled with Bindu’s articulate, profound, grounded, and vulnerable musings (as well as her hot new haircut and aviatorss —plus me laughing a lot.) On deck for future episodes are Dyana Valentine, Sera Beak, Dr. Lissa Rankin, Melanie Ericksen, Karen Salmansohn, Helen Kim, Dr. Christiane Northrup, Alisa Vitti, and Dr. Deborah Kern.

Lights, camera…Glimpse!

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