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Don’t Believe You Can Have It All? Think Again.

Are you the happiest person you know?

Do you wake up each morning with a smile?

Do you feel absolutely free to be and do what you really want? Would you like to?

Or are you too trapped in the day-to-day grind? Chasing the bigger and better everything? Trapped under a heavy weight of responsibility, or an inability to imagine life any other way—because you’ve been taught that this is what successful people do?

But in reality what you’ve become is burned out, busy and tired of chasing the someday when you’ll have enough of X to be happy, be free and feel successful. You want the day you finally feel like you’ve made it to be today!

Today is your lucky day! Today is the day you can have finally have it all, without having to become emotionally and spiritually bankrupt in the process.

Check out this video and claim your ticket to happy and free.


Christine is former stressed-out achievement junkie and executive workaholic, and  Gabby is a former strung-out NYC party girl/publicist.

Over six years ago, they both cashed in their tickets to Burnout City, turned their ideas about success inside out, and became two of the happiest and freest people I know.

They also happen to be two of the most inspiring and transformational teachers I know.  Christine and Gabby each have written life-changing books, spoken to audiences around the world and have dedicated their lives to showing people how to free themselves from the limitations that keep them from having what they really want. They walk their talk every day. They’re living it.

And no, they didn’t cash it all in and move to a mountaintop or start tie-dying their designer handbags. What they did was stop listening to the wrong people, stop thinking the wrong thoughts, and start learning how real success & happiness happens.

This summer, on June 9th, they are hosting a FREE Transformational Conversation that will blow your mind, open you heart and get your happy & free meter revving on high.

They are coming full out to share the 3 Keys to Having It All! Happiness, Love, Freedom and Success … the same three keys they used.  I’ll be there, and you’ll definitely want to be there too!

Sign up now for the FREE 90-Transformative Call on June 9th.

Signing up takes 10 seconds, and you’ll be so grateful you did.

And no sweat if you can’t make it live. Sign up and Gabby and Christine will shoot you a recording after the call.

Never thought you’d be the happiest person you know? Get ready to change your mind.

P.S. I get a lot of invitations to attend calls like this, but this one is special. Gabby & Christine are powerhouses of inspiration, so I know just being on the call LIVE! with them is going to open me up to a world of freedom and happiness—that definitely will have me waking up with a smile in the morning. Join me! Grab your spot now!



  • Christine, you say you are a recovering achievement junkie….I literally laughed out loud. I will be the first to admit I really don’t like to work hard. Yes, I used to be a slave to my job, but I was not the girl who was the last one to leave the office. I found that if I’m not emotionally “into” what I’m doing, I get rather lazy!! (Confession time!) Now that I’m pursuing something I’m passionate about, I can get fired up and actually WANT to do more than I used to!!

  • I will be there! I want to be part of the summer of Happiness! I read Gabby’s book before I go to sleep at night. You have cool friends:)
    Thanks for the invite,

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