Do More with Less Stress in Your Business

Do More with Less Stress in Your Business

8 Elements of the Do Less Energy Management System for You to Try

“Doing less doesn’t actually mean doing less.”

I was in conversation with my friend Dr. Shefali Tsabary when she said the words above.

Sometimes we don’t understand what our work is really about until someone mirrors it back to us.

In that moment I realized that Dr. Shefali was so right. So, in case you were confused, I’m here to clear up what the “Do Less Methodology” is all about.

Now is the ideal time to clear this up because the doors to our membership, Origin, just opened. The membership is where entrepreneurs who want to align their businesses with the Do Less way gather to learn, practice, and give and receive support.

And I wouldn’t want anyone to join because they misunderstand how we roll, or not join for the same reason.

So, here’s what the Do Less Methodology is not about:

  • sitting around on the couch watching Netflix all day (though I’ve been watching TV sometimes during the day and it’s amazing)
  • expecting everything you want to come to you without putting in any effort
  • waiting for everyone else to do things because you think you’re entitled to a quality of life that they’re not
  • being lazy

The Do Less Methodology is about doing less of what doesn’t matter and what’s not aligned, so you have more space, time, and bandwidth for the things that move the needle and fuel your soul.

Practically speaking, here are 8 ways that we practice the Do Less Methodology within the Origin membership to inspire you to tweak your workflow for more ease and less stress:

  1. Optimizing the way you schedule your time so that you’re taking advantage of your biorhythms throughout the day and month to do the right things at the right time
  2. Aligning your actions with your values and your purpose to reduce wasted energy
  3. Getting clear on the 20% of activities that bring in 80% of your results and doubling down on those
  4. Getting really good at knowing what your customers want so that making sales and being of service comes more easily
  5. Learning how to say no and delegate so your time is freed up for things you and only you can do
  6. Using cyclical planning in concert with your menstrual cycle and/or the moon so that your productivity flow is supported by your biology and the cosmos
  7. No longer using perfectionism, hustling, proving, and competition as fuel for your work
  8. Learning to regulate your nervous system so that you’re running your business from a place of wholeness instead of as a trauma response

The Do Less Methodology is more than a business strategy that reduces stress and has the potential to increase profits (though it certainly can do these things).

This way of doing business is about healing our relationship to work and time collectively so that we live more fully and give others a chance to live more fully.

Right now, take another look at the list and choose one element of the Do Less way to focus on embodying in the next month.

Write it down on a sticky note and tack it to the side of your computer or set a reminder on your phone to have it pop up every morning when you sit down to work.

We can change the way we work as a culture. Each one of us has the power to move that needle by shifting the way we show up for our work every day.

If you want to do it in a community with support, the leading content library on feminine energy business, and live touch points all month long, then Origin is the place to be.

Learn more about the membership here.

I’m here to be part of the shift from working ourselves to death to allowing our life force to move through us to do our best, most joyful work.

I have a feeling since you’re reading this, you’re here to be part of that shift, too, and I’m psyched to be part of the movement with you.

Now, I want to hear from you:

Which of the 8 elements from the list above are you going to start with in your own shifting of the way you work? Let me know in the comments!


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