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Diet programs don’t work. Here’s what does. Glimpse TV with Sarah Jenks.

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Nearly every time I read something that Sarah Jenks has written I get teary-eyed. I recently texted her to tell her I think she’s the most honest person on the internet.

Sarah is leading a revolution.

To call it a weight loss revolution wouldn’t be entirely accurate, though at first glance you might think that’s what it’s about.

Nope, Sarah’s revolution is about way more. It’s about taking incredible care of ourselves. It’s about love. It’s about priorities. It’s about boldly being seen as who we are, right now.

It’s about choosing to be happy and feeling good no matter what our size.

I sat down with Sarah in her adorable San Francisco apartment to chat with her about:

  • her signature program, Live More, Weigh Less
  • why you don’t need to weigh less to live more
  • her story of finally dropping the diets after 11 years of struggle and the revelation she had when she did that (which included dropping a bunch of weight)
  • the 6 specific ways she takes incredible care of herself as part of her own “live more” daily practice
  • why being in a place of calm and ease is so important for weight loss and health
  • how she’s doing more work in half the time and having twice the results while caring for a new baby

I absolutely adore Sarah, and I know you will, too. Tune in to this episode of Glimpse TV to fall in love with Sarah, your body, and your life.

Click the image below to watch the episode.

You do not need to be a size 2 to be sexy, beautiful, happy and love your body. ~@SarahEJenks (Tweet it!)

Sarah has a fabulous, rich 6-video free training series on her principles behind living more and weighing less. She’s wise and a total pro. I know you’ll love it. Check out the free video training series here. To learn more about Sarah’s Live More, Weight Less Programs (both the high level group coaching and self-study versions) click here. Registration for the program closes on Monday, April 13th , so you’ll want to check it out ASAP if you’re intrigued.

Over to you:

When do you feel your best in your body and in your life? What are 3 ways you can live more a la Sarah’s example of taking incredible care of yourself? I’d love to hear from you, so please leave a comment below.

And, if you found this episode helpful, please share it with a friend and post it on social media.

I am a proud affiliate of the Live More, Weigh Less Program because I love Sarah and her work. I don’t recommend things lightly, but when I find someone as smart, honest, and helpful as Sarah, I can’t help but spread the word.


  • Pam

    Hi! I love your story. I have found that within the last 3 years I’ve been trying my best to attain this freedom through getting in touch with taking care of myself through spiritual practices and being kinder to myself, but I’m wondering how one does that and all the things that Sarah speaks of, such as have a Nanny to care for her child, have someone do her laundry, go grocery shopping, clean her house, pay for everyday expenses, etc.? Did she have a spouse or a family who paid for all of this while she created her business?

    • Matheson

      I really enjoyed Kate’s chat with Sarah. I find I’m a magnet for that kind of information and validation – about self care and allowing oneself to be inspired and to open up our hearts and minds to positive change and greater acceptance etc. I think her message is important to all women.

      I keep getting snagged on something though -my mind and heart IS open but there is something unrealistic going on here. So many of us are barely making ends meet even though we work all the time. Often my only treat is a yoga magazine once a month. Reading that at night once my daughter is asleep is my little sacred fire. I could never afford to have someone else clean my house, do my laundry and groceries…there is something that is decidedly not down to earth about all of this – or least this kind of information so rarely comes from a voice I recognize, but maybe that’s because the life treadmill so rarely ejects a working single parent into the higher sphere of creative freedom – not that I don’t wish it but it’s not as easy as it can sound.

      • Kate Northrup

        Thanks for your comment. Though some of Sarah’s examples of self care to cost money, you gave some great ones of things that are free or inexpensive. Go with those! Some of the best self care is deep breathing and being in nature. And they’re free!

  • Bravo! Agreed! I had the GREAT pleasure of spending nearly a week together with Sarah at my retreat home in Carmel, and was spellbound by her beauty and wisdom. Everyone was! This gal, like you, is a true teacher. Beautiful job, as always, Kate! xo

  • Amber Jane

    I really appreciate Sarah saying that she was not meant to be a full time mom. It would be great to hear more. And how she came to terms with that. I have found that I am not either a full time many child mama. I LOVE my daughter and most likely will not have more…. unless I have a full time house cleaner ;).

    Thank you

  • Hi! I loved this! Escpecially the part where you were talking about not being a slave to your own body. For the last five years i have had arthritis. I have fought against it for a long time, now i am playing With befriending it. Trying to be ok With it all. Seeking inspiration and joy from people such as yourself. Wanting to really follow my Dreams! Takeing care of every moment no metter how it looks like:)

  • Sarah is carb intolerant, which is what I am, and most of us are. Carbs raise our insulin and cause havoc in our bodies. I switched to a ketogenic lifestyle (low carb, high fat). It goes against the eat less, exercise more theory (which does not work anyway). Consuming healthy fat is an appetite suppressant! I am no longer food, diet or weight obsessed. Nor does food control me any more. I started on 3/1/15 I am down 11 pounds & 17 inches. I feel amazing! My arthritis pain is gone too! I am 54 yrs old and have had extra weight (20 – 40lbs.) my entire life. This way of eating is effortless, inexpensive, and the most healthy thing I could do for my body. If you want to do the most loving thing for yourself do your own research on a ketogenic or LCHF lifestyle. Best wishes!

  • Kate, this interview was truly to best possible thing that I could possibly have watched at this moment. I am taking a 15 minute break from doing my Bschool funsheets and was looking for something inspiring and relaxing to watch.

    I had no idea that the topic would be body image and self love when I opened your email.

    I had heard of Sarah Jenks is passing, but had yet to see an interview with her or read her work. Somehow she slipped off my radar.

    Holy wow. Wow. Wow. I think that we are soul sisters.

    The work and the message that she is describing is so in tune with my work and message – which is a total extension of my heart and it seems clear that it is an extension of her heart as well.

    I too am a mother of a small child and am passionate about growing my business (p.s. thank you for introducing me to Bschool and all of your support.) It is so lovely to hear of her experience.

    Her message of finding joy and nurturing yourself as a huge key in breaking the diet cycle is right on. We literally raise our vibration when we are happy and joyful. When we are in the guilt shame spiral our vibration goes way down. The same is true, as she mentioned, of our metabolism.

    I am beyond thrilled to have had the pleasure of watching this video and I am going to reach out to her right away to offer my thanks and any support that I can.

    Thank you again Kate. As always perfect timing. Much love.


  • Kate, thank you for this video! Sarah’s story spoke to me deeply.

    I’ve been on a weight loss journey for the last 2 years and have lost 80 pounds, gained a few back, lost a few more, etc. I’ve craved a feeling of being “normal,” not worrying about everything I eat and every workout. I’ve finally come to the place in my life where I’m enjoying being me and doing things that are fun for me. I’m eating healthy food Iove, bike riding, walking, swimming and doing things that I enjoy. I’m finally putting myself first.

    Can’t wait to check out Sarah’s program. Thanks for sharing it!


    P.S. I went to tweet out your “you don’t need to be a size 2” quote and realized that Sarah’s twitter handle is not correct. It should be @sarahejenks

    • Kate Northrup

      Thank you for that Sarah! I’m so glad this resonates! And thanks for the note about the tweet – I shall change that!

  • Loved this Kate -I’m a fan of Danielle’s Desire Map life and one of my biggest joys and learning shifts from doing the Money Love course has bèen reframing choice from having to or letting go or willing myself (and listening to voice of inadequacy) to “choosing to create space” – CDF -spaciousness

  • For some reason following half of lastpost missing -relating to Sarah choosing life vs food obsession/anxiety and creating space.Lovely.

  • Such a beautiful interview & a beautiful message. Thank you for being two boss ladies sharing your views with the world!

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