A Fool-Proof Method for Making the Right Decision Every Time

I’ve been fielding some really great emails from folks who are considering taking B-School this year.

Enrollment closes at 3pm EST tomorrow, Monday, March 4th. All of the details about this life-changing course that helped me increase my revenue and my list size by 400% are here http://ow.ly/hS6R7.

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I figured for every one person who emailed me there must be at least ten who are on the fence and didn’t email me. And the truth is, once you get your questions answered (and they’re ALL answered here http://ow.ly/hS6R7), you’re the only one who can make the right decision for you.

 If you have ever found yourself debating about whether or not you should do ANYTHING, this email is for you. 

 I wrote this for the fence-sitters.

Whenever I’m faced with making a decision, this is what I do to ensure that I make the right choice every time.

If you use this method you will never make a wrong decision.

Step 1: Get clear on what the options are.

Step 2: Close your eyes and take three deep breaths into your lower belly.

Step 3: Bring to mind your first option. Don’t think about it too hard, just focus gently on it.

Step 4: Notice how your body feels. Does it feel expansive or contracted? Expansive feels like when you’re playing with a puppy or holding a baby. It feels open-hearted and light. Contracted feels heavy, tight, limited, and darker. It feels like anxiety, depression, worry, or doubt.

Step 5: If you feel expansive when you focus on the first option, it’s a yes! If you feel contracted, it’s a no.

Step 6: Go through steps 3-5 for each option you have.

Your body will tell you what is right for you. She’s your wisest ally and she’ll never steer you wrong. (Click to tweet.)

Cool, right?

Now, you may ask, what if I feel fear? Is that expansive or contracted? 

Only your body will truly tell you which one it is. If you’re unsure, run through steps 1-6 again and really tune in to how your body is feeling.

Fear often comes up when we’re about to do something that takes us out of our comfort zone. But there’s a difference between the fear that comes up to keep you safe, like when you decide not to walk down a dark alley alone at 3am, and the fear that comes up when you’re about to leave your comfort zone.

If you truly tune in to the feeling in your body, the fear of leaving your comfort zone will feel expansive. My friend and speaking teacher, Gail Larsen, says: “Fear is just excitement without the breath.”

So, whether you’re on the fence about B-School or something else in your life, run through the 6 steps above.

And remember:

None of the good stuff happens on the fence.

Life doesn’t move forward on the fence. 

Businesses don’t get built on the fence.

Dreams aren’t achieved on the fence.

The world isn’t changed by people who hang out on the fence.

It’s time to get off the fence. 

If B-School feels expansive to you this time around (even if that means you’re a little scared), I’m SO excited to have you in my private B-School online community and Heart Hustle.

Register now so you don’t miss the deadline tomorrow at 3pm EST: http://ow.ly/hS6R7

And if it’s not right for you this time around, that’s okay too. I have no doubt you will rock your life and business through other avenues.

Leave a comment and let me know if this 6-step method to making the right decision every time was helpful to you! Also, share any other methods of making decisions that you use. I’d love to hear them!

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  • Definitely not on the fence with this one, but the cost is more than a month’s salary at my current job and I have to eat and keep a roof over my and my partner’s head. Sadly I can’t afford the monthly payment option, and I can’t borrow the money either (blacklisted by my ex). Never mind, next year I’ll hopefully have a side-project earning a bit of extra cash that I can put into a fund for this sort of education.

    Love the suggestions here Kate, I’ve written them down for future use. I have another one for when you have to choose between two options. Toss a coin and pay very close attention to how you feel when it lands. If you’re disappointed by the result, you should probably go with the other choice (or neither). If you’re excited, that was the right decision. :-)

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