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How to Make Money the Feminine Way.


If you hang in the personal development woo-woo circles that I do (and you likely do since you’re reading this), there’s a lot of talk about masculine and feminine energy.

While there are tomes written on this, here’s the quick and dirty version as I see it:

Masculine and feminine energy are alive in each of us. Women and men have both of these energies.  Neither type of energy belongs exclusively to males or females.

Masculine energy has to do with getting things done. It’s linear. It’s outwardly focused. It’s rational. It’s about producing.

Feminine energy has to do with being. It’s non-linear. It’s inwardly focused. It’s emotional. It’s about receiving.

Neither one of these is bad or good. Awareness of which energy we’re running our lives from can be really helpful, especially if we want to avoid feeling burned out, or, on the other end of the spectrum, stagnant or directionless.

I’ve always associated making money with masculine energy. You know, getting out there and making sh*t happen. Working hard. Bringing home ze bacon.

But the more I delve into dismantling our cultural assumptions about money, the more I can see bringing our feminine energy to the table, as well.

Anything we do requires bringing both our masculine and feminine energy to the table. What I’ve noticed is that we’ve been trained to operate from our masculine energy more often than our feminine energy in terms of making money.

Why is this? Our culture applauds production, results, and hard work.

There is a place for all of these things in every pursuit.

But we often forget about receiving, enjoying the process, and incorporating ease and flow.

As I’ve begun to move through the world more from my feminine energy so that I’m not so obsessed with doing and producing, I’ve been noodling on how to make money in a feminine way.

There are two types of income that seem inherently “feminine energy” to me: passive income and residual income.

We’ll talk more about residual income in a future post. Today I want to focus on passive income.

You earn passive income when your money is working for you instead of you working for your money. {Tweet it!}


You earn passive Tweet


How does this work? You invest your money in real estate, businesses, and paper assets such as stocks and bonds. Your money works for you as these assets appreciate in value, and you have your time free to do whatever it is that sets your heart on fire.

Though we may think of the financial world and imagine men in suits, it doesn’t mean that the only option for making money, and even big money, is by operating only from our masculine energy.

If you want to be able to relax more and untie the amount of money you’re able to make from the amount of hours and energy you’re able to spend making it, it’s time to learn how to invest.

Investing and allowing your money to work for you is an inherently feminine energy way of making money.

Where do you start?

I’m not a master investor. But I know that in order to build the kind of wealth I’d like to build, I need to at least become a savvy investor.

Here’s what we can all do to learn more and implement what we’re learning:

  • Find a great financial planner. Interview a minimum of three. Find one who is fee-based. Find someone you really, really like and trust. He or she will help you get organized and figure out how much money you could be investing.
  • Learn the language. All of the money jargon is not as complicated as financial publications and CSPAN would have us believe. When you come across a word or concept you don’t understand, look it up. Ask someone to explain it to you. If you truly understand it you should be able to explain it to an 8 year old. If the person you ask to explain it to you can’t make it that simple, then they don’t really understand it either. Once you’ve learned the language, reading your investment statements, The Wall Street Journal, or anything else regarding money will be so much easier. And remember, ease comes from feminine energy.
  • Get support. One of the tendencies of the feminine is to “tend and befriend.” The feminine loves support, nurturing, and community. The Lone Wolf archetype is more masculine. I’m taking my friend Barbara Stanny’s One Year To Wealth* course this year to learn to become a wealth builder and savvy investor. In 12 steps (one per month) we’ll learn to make money the feminine way, as smart investors. You can learn more about this course HERE.



How do you feel about making money with feminine energy? How do you feel about becoming an investor? If you already consider yourself a savvy investor and wealth builder, how did you learn how? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

P.S. Have you joined the #MoneyLoveChallenge yet? It’s a free, 21-day adventure in creating a more loving relationship with your money. The challenge is already rocking, and it’s not too late to join in on the fun. Join the challenge here.

P.P.S. Want to learn more about more fully accessing your feminine energy?  My dear friend and colleague Tami Lynn Kent wrote such an enlightening Babysitter Blog Post while I was on my maternity leave.  Have a read!

* I am a proud affiliate of the One Year to Wealth course because I so deeply believe in the importance of learning to become a savvy investor. I also trust and believe in Barbara Stanny and her work. If you choose to sign up for the course through my link I may be financially compensated.


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