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The Big Reveal – B-School Bonus Details Below!

There has been A LOT of buzz about Marie Forleo’s B-School lately. If you’re on the same email lists as I am, you’ve been receiving loads of messages about it — sometimes a few times a day. Some might find this annoying. Instead, I choose to see it as profoundly abundant.

How glorious is it that there are so many wonderful people with platforms promoting a course that gives you everything you need to know to start and grow a successful online business?

B-School has already changed a lot of lives and with this year’s launch and people shouting it from the rooftops everywhere, even more lives are poised for change as a result of this exceptional program.


And guess what — the cart is open for B-School! If you know you want in already, go get ’em, girl (or boy) — click here:

Over on the site, Marie has detailed exactly what you’ll learn — and what you won’t — in this 8-week training designed to help you leverage your online presence for more sales and higher impact.

B-School is one of the most comprehensive programs I’ve seen and Marie’s got thousands of graduate reviews to prove that it works — including my own happy testimonial that taking B-School helped me increase my revenue and my list size by 400%. Not too shabby, eh?

I heard from Marie that B-School won’t happen again until 2014, so if you want to change your business and your life in the near future, now is the time.

If you’re wondering if B-School is right for you, scroll down to the bottom of the page when you click over to the B-School site. In Marie’s classic no-BS fashion, she addresses virtually EVERY concern or question you could possibly have.

Need a little more enticement? You’re in the right place because I’ve cooked up a divine bonus for you.

Anyone who joins the program through my link ( will receive a complimentary seat in a brand-new online course I’m running with my man this spring, called Heart Hustle: Make a Profit and a Difference.

Heart Hustle is a digital experience in learning the fine art of service-based selling. It’s the perfect complement to B-School for people who:

  • want to get better at moving potential clients or customers to buy
  • want to become master communicators (in business and in life–the stuff we’re going to teach works for both!)
  • want to be able to communicate what they do and how it can help someone without bumbling around or feeling like they’re trying to convince anyone to do anything
  • want to get better at attracting clients/customers AND keeping them for a looooooong time
  • struggle with what to say and how to say it in one-on-one communication about their products or services
  • have trouble charging what they’re worth or asking for the sale
  • have ever, in any way, felt that selling is sleazy or smarmy
  • have an inkling that improving their sales skills in a really authentic way could majorly increase their bottom line

B-School will teach you everything you need to know to effectively build a profitable business online.

Heart Hustle will teach you everything you need to know when you’re building your business and interacting with people individually — in person, over the phone, or via email.

No matter how amazing your web presence is, as a business owner you’re still going to find yourself:

  • having conversations with potential clients to explain how what you offer can benefit them
  • networking with potential joint venture partners, referral partners, or clients in person
  • pitching your ideas to business partners, investors, or donors
  • talking to people on the phone, over email, or in person about how what you offer can help them specifically
  • needing to find the words and appropriate attitude on the fly to effectively convey how your product or service can help people improve their lives

In Heart Hustle you’ll learn:

  • the hidden talent you already have that, when unlocked, will have new customers banging down your door
  • the single most important skill you need to never feel like you’re trying to convince anyone to buy your product or service ever again
  • why women are perfectly wired for sales rock stardom, and how to take advantage of that fact in your business
  • the 10 crucial steps to moving people to take action in a way that feels great, both to you and to them
  • the kiss of death in any sales conversation and how to avoid it
  • why what you think about sales might be holding you back from making the money you deserve — and how to get your mindset aligned for optimal success and service
  • a foolproof formula for ensuring that you always say the right thing to every potential client/customer
  • why the internet will never replace meaningful interaction with your clients/customers and how to stand head and shoulders above the business owners who are getting lazy about relationship building
  • the crucial thing you need to do in order to have your prospects fall in love with your business and keep coming back forever
  • the art of the “no” and how to use it to your advantage in any business conversation
  • how to combine selling with service to make lots of money and a big difference in peoples’ lives
  • a step-by-step blueprint for using effective, heart-centered selling to make the world a better place
  • and more!

My guy, Mike, and me.

My guy, Mike, and I are top income earners and growers in one of the world’s leading direct selling companies. We also both have long histories excelling in sales. When Mike sold windshields door to door one summer he outsold the other guys on the job within 24 days of being hired. I won a 5-lb. Hershey bar when I was 12 because I sold the most magazines in a school fundraiser. We know from whence we speak, and we’re excited to share our collective Heart Hustle wisdom with you this spring.

Here are the details:

  • In order to get Heart Hustle for free, you have to sign up for B-School through my link. This is the correct link:
  • Heart Hustle will be sold later in the spring for over $400. You’re getting a major bah-gan on Heart Hustle if you sign up for B-School now. (That’s “Mainer” speak for “bargain.”)
  • Heart Hustle will begin after B-School is completely over. You won’t have to worry about being overwhelmed with too much information because the two courses won’t run at the same time.

Need one more reason to sign up for B-School other than the amazing training you’ll receive from Marie in B-School and the spectacular material you’ll get from me and Mike in Heart Hustle?

B-School and Pencils of Promise have teamed up to build a school in Laos, funding all the supplies and teachers’ salaries for 3 years. Every enrollment in B-School helps provide funding towards this beautiful mission of educating kids.

It’s not for nothin’ that B-School’s tagline is, “Make Money, Change the World.”

If this is your year to learn the skills, mindset, and strategies you need to grow your business and help oodles of people, then click here to sign up for B-School:

When you sign up you’ll also get exclusive access to my private B-School online forum. You’re going to be learning a lot and I want to make sure you get the support you need during the process. The private online forum will ensure that this isn’t just another course you sign up for but don’t take action on. Me and the other ladies in there will cheer you on, hold your hand, and keep you accountable.

Just click “It’s Your Time” below to sign up for B-School and I’ll see you in the private online forum and in Heart Hustle later this spring!

And if B-School isn’t for you this time around, know this:

No program, coach, mentor, or teacher can ever replace your inner wellspring of wisdom. You have unlimited potential and everything you need to make your dreams a reality already within you. Teachers and classes might support you in getting where you need to go a little faster and with fewer diversions along the way, but you don’t need them.

You are whole and complete and lacking in nothing. And I love you.

P.S. Even if you’re not going to do B-School this time around, if you haven’t gone through Marie’s three free training videos on building a business online, do yourself a favor and watch them while they’re still up.  This is value-packed, free training. Marie could have easily charged hundreds for the information in these videos. But luckily, she didn’t, and they’re yours for the watching!

The 6 Pillars of a Successful Online Business:










Marie’s Dirty Little Secret to Making Bank Online:











Behind the Scenes of a 7-Figure Online Business:





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