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B-School + Our Support = Your Success: Our B-School Bonus Revealed!

The rumors are true – it’s nearly time for B-School registration to open!

(Wednesday, February 17th is the day you can enroll, and I’ll be sending an email to remind you as soon as the doors are open.)

If you’re considering the program (and if you have a business or want to have one, you need to be) then this message is for you.

Every year more and more of our #MoneyLove community are making the decision to participate in B-School.  It’s clear in connecting with our community that this year will be a bigger B-School community than ever. 

Are you ready to jump in?

If so, my husband/business partner Mike and I have a very sweet B-School bonus that we’ve put together with you in mind.

Mike and I have not only created a thriving high-six-figure business, we’ve also created a stay-at-home family. We worked less than half the amount of time last year than we worked the previous year, yet our income remained steady.

This was possible because of our “make a life, not just a living” philosophy. And our B-School Bonus is infused with it.

If you want to make a life, not just a living, you’ve come to the right place.

Our 2016 B-School Bonus focuses on giving you the support, community, expertise, and love that you need to get the most out of your investment in B-School.

B-School is a serious program. I’ve gone through it every year for the past 7 years, and I get new insights each time that take our business to the next level.

What you don’t need along with B-School is more stuff to go through. B-School is plenty.

What I’ve learned from partnering with Marie and helping hundreds of B-Schoolers walk through the program is that a very small percentage (less than 10%) of people complete the course within the 8 weeks that it’s released.

This isn’t a bad thing. It’s a good thing. It means B-School has depth and richness that will last the lifetime of your business. That’s why the fact that Marie gives B-Schoolers lifetime access to the program is huge.

What it also means is that you don’t need more material along with B-School that you likely won’t ever go through.

There’s enough information in B-School for you to make money and change the world for the rest of your life and continue to up-level each and every year.

That’s why our bonus focuses on support, community, and love.

Introducing our 2016 B-School Bonus!

(This is the quick version. For more details and to hear from our past B-Schoolers about what doing the program with us was like, click here.)


Designed to make sure you get your money’s worth from B-School, we’re going to walk you through completing the course and putting what you learned into action in this 4-part series that begins after B-School ends. (Let’s face it – you likely don’t have time to go through two courses at the same time! And even if you do, I don’t recommend it. Focus, baby!)

We’ll also let you in behind the scenes to learn how we’ve implemented what we’ve learned in each of the B-School modules, and you’ll get an insider’s peek at what we’re planning on rolling out in the future.


I created this mini-course to support you in clearing out the blocks you have around making as much money as you want. What holds entrepreneurs back from the success they desire is usually between their ears. This course will help you get rid of that stuff so you can get on the fast track to abundance-town. It’s short, sweet, and to the point.


While we all love the internet, nothing beats in-person connection. You’re invited to this live, high-touch event to go deep into how to create the financial success you want and have the kind of reach you desire without sacrificing your health, relationships, and emotional and spiritual well-being. Because how you do it actually matters. The event will be in our hometown of Portland, ME (otherwise know as Vacationland), and it will also be live-streamed if you can’t make it in person. (But do everything you can to be there because… hugs, masterminding, and lobster!)


Mike Watts will walk you through each of the steps of how we re-launched our Feng Shui for Financial Freedom course. This is a full disclosure webinar where he shares all the behind-the-scenes stuff. You’ll learn our launch schedule, specifically which tools and software we used, and how the logistics worked. Mike also reveals exactly how much we made and how we did it.


Connect with your fellow students in this intimate, supportive group where you can get feedback, ask questions, share successes, and get to know other kindred spirits going through B-School. We don’t want you to get lost in the shuffle of tens of thousands of B-Schoolers. We’ll be in there cheering you on, sharing our own insights about this round of B-School, and supporting you along with your classmates. Our B-School Facebook group remains active all year round. Business partnerships have been formed and deep friendships have been found.


In our classic unedited, down-to-earth style, we’re going to check in with you weekly during the 8 weeks of B-School. We’ll be sending a weekly video love note to you giving extra support and resources pertinent to that week’s B-School content, sharing our own stumbling blocks, words of wisdom, and insights to nourish you as you go through the program.

We are right here to support you in B-School. We’ll be going through the program again, as we always do, right by your side. (Learners are earners, remember?)

We may have hit some major milestones in our business, but we’re still growing, and we’ll be sharing our growth edges with you during this process.

We’re right here in this with you.


Korynn Elliott

“Taking the leap and doing B-school with Kate and Mike was the best way I could have possibly started my business journey. The Implement and Finish Formula was my favorite, as we got amazing feedback and small group support to actually Implement what we learned in B-school! Within one month of our time together I created my first online course and signed up my first clients! I’m extremely grateful for the wealth of knowledge and support they’ve given me on this journey.”    – Korynn Elliott, 2015 B-School Alumni

Head over to our B-School page and:

  • Get the details on our bonus
  • Watch testimonials from past participants
  • Hear how B-School helped Mike and me go from barely scraping by making less than $30K a year, with over $100K in debt collectively, to being debt-free, increasing our income by more than 20 times, running a business we love that truly helps people, and being a stay-at-home family.


If you have questions, please join our #MoneyLove Business group on Facebook as we’re hosting a lively conversation about B-School and our bonus over there. We’d love to have you in on it.  You can also shoot us an email at!




Remember, you can register for B-School starting Wednesday, February 17th. An email will be coming that day to let you know when it’s go time.

Plus, Mike and I have a very exciting announcement coming up Saturday, February 20th related to B-School, so stay tuned for that!

Looking forward to having you in our B-School class of 2016!


P.S. Let’s talk business! Join Marie Forleo, Mike, and me for a Live Q&A. You can ask us anything your heart desires. Got questions about how to turn your dream business into reality? Bring ‘em. Want to know how to up your money game? Join us! It’s also a great time to talk with us live to see if B-School is a fit for you. Register for the free call Feb 18th at 4pm EST here.

P.P.S. I’m hosting a free online workshop called How to Build Your Business To Feed Your Soul and Fund Your Life: 7 Strategies That Work on February 23rd at 10am PST/1pm EST. I’ll lay out the fundamentals that have made the biggest difference in our online business: how taking our business online increased our revenue by 750%, the most important financial question to ask yourself when starting or growing a business, how to not feel guilty when taking time off, and more. I’ll also give you the specifics on how we’ve implemented B-School to grow different parts of our business. You can register for the webinar here. KATE WEBINAR_FB TIMELINE



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