An Unorthodox Tool for Ramping Up Your Productivity

An Unorthodox Tool for Ramping Up Your Productivity

This week a very wise friend of mine who I totally look up to for her spiritual and business prowess reminded me that something I’d said at the Origin® Live event I hosted this past fall has stuck with her for the 9 months since she heard it:

Body first. Business second.

She said it was the most impactful thing I said during the full-day training.

This is a mantra that came to me sometime between when I turned in the manuscript of Do Less and when it was published, so it didn’t make it into the book.

But, it’s essentially the entire premise.

When we work as though we don’t have a body and we try to overcome our physical needs, we burn out, we get sick, our creativity dries up, our results take a hit, and eventually we can’t do good work anymore.

When we prioritize our body, on the other hand, and remember it’s our source of the very energy, focus, and creativity we need to do our best work, our productivity skyrockets, as do our energy levels, impact, and results.

After I shared this mantra, I had a woman at a workshop I taught ask me:

So, are you saying I should go to exercise class more often?

And the answer isn’t exactly no, but it’s not yes either.

Unfortunately, in our culture, we think prioritizing our body means exercising. And it certainly can. But there’s so much more to it than that.

When we get into our bodies to serve our work and lives, we access an infinite supply of wisdom, intuition, insight, energy, and more that virtually guarantees we’re doing our best work.

Want to know how to do it?

This week Mike and I are talking about my favorite unorthodox tool for ramping up your productivity: prioritizing your body.

Click here to listen in to the episode.

In it you’ll hear:

  • An incredibly simple tool for organizing your workflow that will have you palming your forehead with how obvious (yet overlooked) it is
  • The daily practice that Richard Branson holds responsible for his business success
  • A revolutionary approach to your work life that will change how you do everything (and make everything way easier and more productive)

Once you’ve listened in, we want to hear from you.

Which strategy will you try out? What have you noticed already from putting your body first and your business second? What kind of resistant thoughts come up when you hear us talk about body first, business second? Leave us a comment and let’s continue the conversation!

Having a body is the great equalizer for all humans. Yes, all bodies are not built the same, nor do they all have the same abilities, but on a fundamental level they all work the same. And they can be the source for all of our best work when we learn how to tap into the supply.

Listen to this week’s episode because this perspective shift is critical for sustainable results in your work and life.



P.S. Did you know that the audio version of Do Less has Easter eggs throughout that weren’t included in the print version? Click here to grab your copy and get 5 incredible bonuses when you do!


  • I loooooved this episode. First, because I love the interplay and how you let things be a bit messy sometimes! I also love your clarity when you’re teaching, Kate- I enjoy both formats. Second, I’ve been trying out listening to what my body needs more since my pregnancy, and since starting origin and awareness of what I need has been such a shift. But the way you both framed this, and particularly with Mike’s perspective gave me such a clear picture of how I get stuck in my mind and so much permission to get back into my body and my pleasure. Just listening to the conversation and imagining the possibilities was pleasurable! And to answer your final question, the only resistance I feel is my fear that I will suddenly have to be a super-healthy eater and never have any treats…extreme thinking alert! I think this is part of the overwork/reward myself with treats habit… something to look at! I’m going to listen again to make sure I’ve got all the nuggets. Thank you! Lisa

    • Kate Northrup

      Oh I’m so glad this resonated with you and way to pick up on the extreme thinking part. So wise of you to notice that and redirect!

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