A Prayer for the Future I’m Committed to Being Part of Creating

Hey there, Divine/All That Is/Source/Universe/Ancestors/Angels/Goddess/God,

Today I pray for (and am committed to being part of creating) a world in which…

…with each sunrise, each wiggle of our toes, and each breath that expands our rib cages, we remember that we are part of Nature, not here to control it. (And that our decisions reflect this remembering.)

…restorative justice and making space for ourselves and others to make mistakes then repair and heal is standard…and welcome.

…we trust in our bodies’ innate ability to tell us the truth and heal, and that everyone has the right to decide what goes into and comes out of their own bodies.

…there is no such thing as being a marginalized person, and our differences are sources of celebration, strength, and connection.

…everyone’s identity is affirmed and welcome.

…our spending is a prayer.

…learning how to signal safety in your nervous system is as pervasive as learning to spell.

…we experience the truth that there is, in fact, enough for everyone when everyone shares generously from the knowing that there’s enough.

…our choices do not stop at being sustainable, but are instead regenerative.

…all kinds of love are celebrated.

…we finally get it that it’s not what we do that makes us valuable. It’s who we are.

…rest is honored as much as action.

…what is life-giving is the priority.

…peace prevails through true healing.

…and love leads.

Thank you for the knowledge and trust that this future is now in some ways, and, in any of the ways that it’s not in immediate existence, is just around the corner.

And so it is.


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