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8 Weeks of Losing it and Letting Go: The Shed Project

My friend Bindu Wiles, creator of the famed 21.5.800 project, writer, coach, Buddhist, and friend extraordinaire, has launched her second online community project, The Shed Project. It’s about letting go of what no longer serves us, be it extra weight, too many clothes, books we don’t need anymore, Negative Nancy’s in our lives, or even emotional baggage. I’m so looking forward to losing it for the next eight weeks, starting today.

I was honored to interview Bindu for today’s launch of the “Shedventure”. I launched Glimpse TV with an interview with Bindu so it all feels very perfect and full circle to be kicking off the letting go together. Today, Bindu wrote that she is, “… letting go of the desire/need to present myself polished, edited, and with diffused lighting.” And thus, she chose to post an uncut version.

Glimpse TV: Episode 1, Bindu Wiles from Kate Moller on Vimeo.

I’m 100% IN for The Shed Project. In no particular order, here are some things that I’ll be letting go of: my desire to appear perfect, financial vagueness and irresponsibility, possibly my home in New York City (more on this in a later post), books that I have not read yet and have no intention of reading, my tendency to prioritize others’ needs before my own, the stacks of paper that are piled in my office, some physical weight, clothes that I haven’t worn in a year or more, my duvet cover and shams, old, rotting resentments, conscious and unconscious agreements I made with my parents that are now outmoded, email newsletter subscriptions that I never read, beliefs about myself and the world that no longer serve me, and extra toiletries, specifically hair products, that I don’t use weekly at a minimum.

Come join Bindu and me for eight weeks of losing it on this shedventure. C’mon. Letting go will be more fun together. I promise. You can thank me later. REGISTER HERE TO LET GO (it’s less than $5/week!) (I’m not an affiliate of The Shed Project…just an incredible believer in the power of letting go.)

What are you ready to let go of?

What are you afraid of letting go of?

What does letting go even mean to you?

Have you ever let go of something and had it replaced by something that surprised you or was better than the thing you let go of? Tell me the story.


  • :) Well you can read my goal on my blog. This was a pretty powerful day for me. Coincidence that we are starting the project today? I THINK NOT! Power of community, of looking deep and of course…Bindu. Thanks for your lovely and sweet videos.

  • What am I shedding (in no particular order)?

    -Those email newsletters I rarely read
    -Clothes I haven’t worn in the past 12 months
    -Those 10 pounds that make my more relevant clothes un wearable
    -My need to control everything around the house
    -Much of my time in front of the TV (saving it for after dinner)
    -My fear of starting my own band
    -Financial unawareness
    -My uncanny ability to brush off things that deeply bother me (time to stand up for my beliefs!)

    I wouldn’t be surprised if more popped up in the interrim, but those are the ones that are speaking the loudest…

    I love this idea. Though (thanks to my newfound financial responsibility) I won’t be joining the program officially, one of my best friends and I are keeping each other accountable.

    Kate, again, thank you for bringing so many amazing people to my attention, and Bindu, thanks for the fabulous, life-affirming projects!

    • Kate

      @Cat, Thank you for this list, Cat. Genius. I really like the one about your fear of starting your own band. I didn’t know there was a hidden rock star in our midst. Any way I can get your music now?

  • Rachel Northrup

    Oh yeah I’m ready to let go amen Bindu and the Shed Project
    Ready to let go of over booking myself socially and then feeling bad I can’t honor my commitments
    Ready to let go of my condo
    All my furniture with the exception of my bed
    Ready to let go of 10 lbs that does not serve me
    Let go of lower back pain
    Let go of the need to DO DO DO
    Let go of more and trust, less is more
    let go of eating out so much
    let go of comparing myself to others and their rhythms when I know I have my own
    let go of books that no longer serve me
    let go of cloths that don’t make me look AMAZING
    let go of colors that do not show off my highest self
    let go of winter activities that make me feel overburdened
    let go of expenses that do not serve me
    let go of some dead ends on my hair
    let go products I don’t love in my house specifically hair (thanks for that one Kate)
    let go of making excusing around financial transparency
    let go of being vague about my life and what I really want
    let go of needing to know and trying to figure it out
    let go of people who take and don’t give back
    let go of needing to show up polished and perfect BIG ONE
    let go of needing to get approval from my family and just do what i think is fun and makes me feel good
    Ok I’m done for now thanks Kate and Bindu

    • Kate

      @Rachel Northrup, This is an inspiring list, Rachel. I like the one about being vague about your life and what you really want. I will so support you in all of this, especially getting clear and saying it out loud! Rock it out ‘cuz!

  • I first need to say that I am not sure how it is that just today I discovered you, but it’s as if I was meant to know you always. Loving your site, your passion, your words, the feelings that I am getting as I soak up every bit of this space you have created. Thank you for this.

    For letting go…

    the idea that things are forever just because
    using words that bring pain to others and hide my truth
    all the clothes I don’t wear
    working in a way that isn’t bringing joy
    the need to please
    the clutter
    too many spoken words thrown at the kids
    fear that I don’t have enough
    projects lined up and never accomplished
    wasting time online
    procrastination of a certain project that will bring such joy
    did I say clutter?

    And I’ll be thinking much more on this…

    Thank you for bringing such a lovely moment to my day.

    • Kate

      @Hannah Marcotti, Thank you Hannah! I’m so glad you’ve found me too…how much do you love synchronicity? I mean really, is it not THE BEST! I love your list of things to let go of, especially the need to please. That’s a doosey and so seductive. Keep me posted on your progress and it’s not too late to join The Shed Project because all of the member’s only content is still up on the Flickr site and available for review. Plus, isn’t letting go kind of a forever process…so what’s a week or two missed? :)

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